How to Style Short Hair With Bangs

Straight or wavy locks alike can benefit from having a simple fringe to add fullness and contemporary flare to their hairstyles. This chin-length bob has an amber-to-silver ombre color scheme and soft, wispy, center-parted bangs to complete its modern aesthetic. Whether your hair is naturally curly or has been cut short into a pixie cut, this style will suit every occasion and face shape – oval or rectangular faces alike will also find this style flattering!

Blunt Bob

A blunt bob is one of the classic, low-maintenance haircuts available. This timeless and sleek style complements many different face shapes and hair textures, making it suitable for wearing with or without bangs. Try a side-swept blunt bob with layers for an eye-catching feminine look, or opt for one featuring straight bangs that graze your chin for maximum forehead showoff! For pin-straight locks that last all day long, Redken’s Oil for All Multi-Benefit hair Oil may be just what’s needed to hydrate them and keep their form. It protects from heat damage while adding shine and helping tame frizz for an ideal polished finish. Add texture to your blunt bob with waves for a boho-chic style, or soft romantic curves for a quiet romantic look.

Additionally, create a three-strand accent braid for an elegant touch. Blunt bobs can sometimes look too uninspiring, so add a splash of color with peekaboo highlights for a subtle and stylish touch that still appears natural. Ask your stylist to blend these tones seamlessly into your roots for maximum effect. Thicker hair will benefit from a blunt cut with a slightly textured baseline, or for fine hair, request that your stylist create a jagged baseline to add some volume and dimension. Are you trying out a colored bob? Go the extra step by having both bangs and your bob dyed! Just make sure your stylist uses a clarifying shampoo to avoid product build-up, which may weigh down and dull down your locks.

Long Bob

The long bob is a shoulder-skimming women’s haircut that works with straight or wavy locks and well with any face shape and hair texture. Add blonde highlights or an ombre effect for added dimension and texture! Try this choppy style with a side part and bangs if you want to add an edge to your long bob. Its face-framing layers and dark roots complement any complexion, while its side-swept cracks bring femininity. This style is one of the most accessible long bob styles to maintain, especially if you have fine hair. A long bob with blunt ends can make your face appear thinner and longer while creating an angular effect due to the shorter layer on the bottom layer being closer to your eyebrow line. Long bobs featuring side parts and textured bangs can look fantastic with any hair color, thanks to the deep side part and choppy layers that add edge, while short fringes frame your face beautifully. A long bob with this feature is an ideal option for anyone with medium-length locks looking for a modern yet sexy style that’s also versatile. Straight, long bobs look fabulous when worn with bangs several inches shorter than the rest of your hair. If you’re concerned about flyaways or face-framing pieces escaping, add gel before styling to keep everything in place. And for an added chic edge, consider adding some blonde highlights – they can brighten up any tresses!

Side-Swept Bob

Short bobs with side-swept bangs have quickly become one of the hottest trends in hairstyle. This feminine and chic cut will show off your face by emphasizing your eyes and cheekbones and combat thin hair issues by offering various styling options to increase volume and texture; additionally, adding highlights can give your bob an eye-catching and glamorous appearance. Make your bob even more enjoyable by coloring it! This technique benefits those with blonde locks as it will make their waves appear thicker and healthier. Try balayage for a subtler approach – remember to select shades that complement your complexion! If you have a long bob, add bangs for an eye-catching effect. This style has long been favored among celebrities and those with curly or wavy locks; let your stylist know your desired bang styles, whether curtained, side-swept, or wispier, are best. Emma Stone’s stacked bob features a short back and longer front lengths for an asymmetrical fashion. With layers that create volume, sassy side-swept bangs help emphasize her facial features while making them even more noticeable. You could try Emma’s look even with straight hair by asking your stylist to add waves or curls into it for dynamic chicness; you won’t regret making the extra effort!

Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts with bangs remain trendy and always fashionable, drawing the eye towards your eyes and face while adding dimension. Additionally, this hairstyle compliments all face shapes beautifully and comes in all sorts of colors, from rich reds to soft blondes – it can even be styled casually using the product for added volume! The versatile style can be slicked back, brushed sideways, or styled more casually using products for various casual looks. Ideally suited for girls with thin hair, layered pixie cuts with side-swept bangs work to lift and volumize their style, adding depth through longer wispy layers at the nape and deep within the overall style. To add an extra pop, consider pairing dark roots with light blonde strands for an eye-catching contrast in color and texture! One way to highlight the length of your hair is with a tapered nape undercut, an increasingly popular trend that works on all sizes and can be styled to suit your personality and mood. This style may be particularly beneficial for those wanting shorter locks but who lack the courage for an all-out cut. Pixie cuts are simple to maintain, though regular trims will prevent overgrowth. Consult a professional stylist to select a look tailored to your face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle. It is essential to find someone who understands your needs and expectations so you feel at ease in their hands; give the new style at least a week of wear-testing before returning to public!