Easy Hairstyles For Older Women

Gray Balayage

Explore your gray locks with an elegant balayage that highlights their highs and lows, adding depth and dimension to your locks. This vibrant hue looks beautiful when applied over gray strands!

Curtain Bangs Bob

Curtain bangs add an edge to this timeless bob haircut for older women. This fringed style frames the cheekbones while drawing attention to your eyes for a fashionable statement.

Pixie Cut

The timeless pixie cut can be styled in many different ways and is incredibly flattering with short layers for added texture. This tomboy-inspired cut features sharp angled edges for an eye-catching appearance. It can be mussed up for an edgier or classic Hollywood aesthetic.

Asymmetrical Voluminous Pixie

No matter the texture of your locks, this voluminous pixie will add depth and dimension. Its asymmetrical bangs frame your face and hide wrinkles, creating an appealing and dimensioned silhouette.


An undercut adds a feminine edge up front but is modern at the back, making it the perfect option for women with medium-length hair who want something different without losing length. Try adding darker lowlights for added sophistication.

Slicked-Back Style

The slicked-back style opens up your face and highlights your cheekbones, making you more noticeable to others. It suits women wearing glasses and can work well with most haircuts and textures. Add highlights, just a shade lighter than your base color, to further accentuate its effect.

Layered Pixie with Face-Framing Bangs

A layered pixie with face-framing bangs exudes youth and sophistication and is an ideal style choice for wavy hair that becomes limp over time. The softening effect provided by face-framing cracks adds softness while being teased back to create more drama if desired.


As your hair thins with age, there are various styles you can try to keep your appearance chic and youthful. Add texture to limp, thinning strands by styling them wavy or curly. Another convenient hairstyle for older women is a layered lob, similar to a classic bob but longer. This cut lets you style your hair in various ways, such as face-framing bangs, side parts, or chignon.

Messy Spikes

Spikes can be hard to manage, but they can look sleek with the appropriate hair gel and practice. This particular style combines elements from classical spiky haircuts with those found in comb-overs. You can sport a short fade on the sides and a more extended top section that can be styled any way you see fit with spikes for an aggressive or casual look. If you prefer something softer and less structured, gently tease small hair sections using pomade or mousse to achieve an invisibly-spiky style.