Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Women over 50 have the luxury of choosing from a selection of stylish short hairstyles for women over 50. These hairstyles include classic pixie cuts with added layers for texture. Wavy bobs can also add volume and fullness to any mane, creating the impression of fuller locks. This timeless style works for all hair colors and can even be enhanced with highlights for maximum impact.

Pixie with Bangs

Short pixie cuts with bangs provide the perfect frame to any woman’s face, drawing attention to her eyes and taking focus away from other facial features. They can also add dimension. This style is especially great for girls and women who wear glasses! You can make a classic style more stylish by sweeping or slicking back your bangs to one side. This works well on thin hair, especially when used with some volumizing product. Giving your pixie cut an auburn tint like Carey Mulligan’s can give it an updated, chic look that complements your skin tone and eye color perfectly!

Wavy Bob with Texture

Beautiful wavy brown-blonde bobs are both captivating and lovely. The combination of wavy locks with honey-colored balayage highlights creates an eye-catching natural transition of hues. Adding texture to your wavy bob with cute choppy bangs by working a texturizing pomade through it and creating faux side bangs with a side part can give it a unique look. Medium wavy bobs with soft waves and various lengths are also a beautiful look, especially with stunning blond highlights and side partings. Give this dreamy style a try for a stunning new look.

Pixie with Side Bangs

A pixie with side bangs adds an edge to this timeless cut, providing endless styling opportunities. It can easily be texturized using texturizing products. A layered pixie with short fringes merges perfectly with its top to create an original and contemporary style, especially when styled with salt spray for an authentic tousled effect. This is the ideal hairstyle for girls who are always ready for anything!

Pixie with Undercut

Show the world you are confident in your 50s with this pixie cut that features vibrant fuchsia tones around the crown area. This bold hue makes a statement, while its darker base provides a conservative option that works well for older women. You can balance out a wide face with this pixie cut featuring side-swept bangs that softly touch cheeks. Add highlights for warmth and lightness!

Pixie with Pompadour

Pixie with pompadour short hairstyles for women over 50 are one of the most stylish short styles to try, especially when worn wavy or straight. They can flatter all face shapes. Halle Berry wears her piecey pixie in an adorable, red carpet-ready style that showcases both elements. A polished pixie without bangs is timeless and flattering, pairing well with virtually every outfit and facial structure.

Pixie with Layers

Long pixie hair with side-swept bangs can elongate and strengthen your facial features, giving the appearance of a younger age. Give it some texture by spraying it with a texturizing pomade for a sleek finish. Spikes don’t only belong in football stadiums and punk rock concerts – they can also add a sophisticated and refined edge. Angela Bassett is a popular example of spikes as part of an elegant yet sporty style. Combine spikes with an ash blonde balayage effect for maximum impact!

Pixie with Curls

Curly-haired women will benefit from a pixie cut featuring feathery front pieces and layers in different lengths. This creates an adorable, feminine, and flattering style. Add sun-kissed highlights to your pixie for an eye-catching finish that works on women of all ages. This style makes a statement. If you have thick and textured hair, make an appointment with your stylist for this short curly pixie style. Make sure you use curling mousse or cream to help secure its hold and keep its structure intact.

Pixie with Long Bangs

Short pixie with long bangs is an adorable and timeless hairstyle for women who prefer keeping things simple with their locks. Not only will it enhance facial features and be easy to style, but it also flatters facial features beautifully! Deep side-swept bangs can help hide receding hairlines while framing the face in an elegant way. Furthermore, this style elongates round faces while drawing attention to pointed cheekbones or jawlines. Brunette highlights add an elegant touch to any pixie cut, even on black hair for an eye-catching appearance.

Pixie with Long Layers

Long pixie styles have the power to enhance every hair texture. Thick manes can be relieved from extra weight while thin locks gain volume without losing density. Heightening the crown can create an eye-catching pixie cut, while feathered layers add subtle dimension. They can also elongate round faces by drawing attention to cheekbones or jawlines that stand out.

Pixie with Long Side Bangs

For a trendy pin-up style, opt for a textured pixie with side-shaven sides and long, casual side bangs. Halle Berry famously rocks this look, which is perfect for medium or fine hair types. It is suitable for round, oval, and heart-shaped faces alike. An edgy platinum blonde pixie is an exquisite short hairstyle for women over 50, perfect for keeping their look polished and refined. Use texturizing pomade to complete this elegant style.