Trends For Bob Haircut 2020

Bob hairstyles have long been fashionable and easy to manage while also helping hide early graying hair. This casual chin-length style also helps disguise the early graying of your locks.

This choppy bob features thick blunt ends with a face-framing front. It exudes sophistication and modernity and works for women of all ages, pairing well with casual jeans, shirts, or formal gowns for special occasions.

A-Line Bob

The A-Line Bob haircut is a classic and sophisticated cut and offers a dynamic silhouette. Try opting for front bangs for an unexpectedly chic edge! A layered A-line bob is suitable for all face shapes and hair textures. A choppy style adds volume without making delicate, thin locks appear too full, while for thicker locks, a stacked A-line bob style would make an ideal statement piece.

No-Fuss Bob

Setting soft coils with your hair dryer is an effortless way to bring new life and dimension to a classic bob cut. Perfect for those with naturally wavy locks, creating soft curls will emphasize their natural texture while updating an old definitive amount. Add a dramatic red tone to this style for a truly striking appearance. It will enhance your volume while giving it a more feminine and sophisticated vibe.

Textured Bob

Add texture to your short bob for an entirely different look. This layered style with uneven front fringes features plenty of volume and dimension. Feathering inward layers will add definition and make the cut more flattering, making this cut ideal for women with wavy or curly locks. Combine your style with color-protective shampoo and conditioner for long-term, vibrant locks!

Side-Swept Bob

Add feminine charm to your bob with softly textured side-swept bangs for an eye-catching style that works for all face shapes and hair types. To achieve this style, ask your stylist to create long, blunt layers and an angled fringe with texture. Hollywood loves slicked-back locks, so this sleek nape bob is ideal for fine strands needing a volume boost. Pair it with a deep side part like January Jones to elevate its sophistication and achieve aspirational enlightenment.

Blunt Bob

Saoirse Ronan usually wears her long blonde locks in loose natural curls, but has taken it one step further with an unconventional style: a blunt bob that skims just below her chin – perfectly framing her face! Layers on layers create a more vintage-inspired shape in a short bob, especially when feathered outward and coupled with fast, wispy fringes. Complete your style by spraying some hairspray for added hold.

Layered Bob

If you want to add texture and movement to your bob, try this choppy layered cut. It creates an undulating pattern, which adds movement while softening triangular or diamond face shapes by softening their prominent angles. This chin-length bob is anything but boring with its stackable layers that perfectly frame the face and its unique wavy texture that helps set off its unique shape.

Short Curly Bob

If you have naturally curly locks, a short bob with bangs may be ideal for showcasing them. Ask your stylist to style your chin-length bob with face-framing pieces so you can tame those coils and promote symmetry on your facial features. If your bob is flat, add slight layers to increase volume and please your hairstylist. This subtle yet noticeable enhancement is sure to impress them!

Layered Above-Shoulder Bob

An off-center deep side part is an easy way to customize your straight bob style and frame your face more beautifully, softening angular features for an attractive effect. This 2020 bob haircut is ideal for young girls and women of the younger age group, adding an attractive dual-color highlight feature that brings extra glam. Furthermore, this cut looks fantastic with long dresses or skirts!

Layered Chin-Length Bob

For an alternative take on your classic bob, consider this style. It features a deep side part and textured side bangs to give an updated feel and add depth and dimension. This mushroom bob is stylish and funky – you will surely attract many compliments when wearing it! Add pops of color for maximum impact!

Textured Textured Layers

Add layers to your long bob for movement and volume if your hair is thick, creating loose waves to give a distinct, chic, and effortless shape. Nancy O’Dell shows us the perfect wavy layered bob, featuring wide curtain bangs that can easily be styled to frame her face or pin back for an eye-catching face-framing effect.