How to Style Short Curly hair For Women

Curly hair can be fun and versatile to style. You can create casual waves for everyday looks or formal sleeking for special events – it all depends on finding what works for your natural texture! It would help if you found something suitable.

1. Asymmetrical Pixie

The short asymmetrical pixie style works wonders with curly hair, particularly when colored boldly. From wash-out hues to permanent shades, this short haircut shows everyone that you aren’t afraid to go outside their comfort zones!

Try wearing your hair in a sophisticated pixie with a deep side part for an elegant style. This effortless androgynous style flatters any facial structure while providing maximum impact.

Consider opting for a close crop pixie with longer side-swept bangs for an adorable and girly look. This feminine cut can easily be styled using just a dab of mousse; additionally, it’s the ideal cut to pull off an emo look with its long fringe and spiked curls.

2. Stacked Bob

Short stacked bobs are an extremely adaptable cut that looks chic and cute on many hair types, from naturally curly or wavy locks to straight ones. Additionally, this look works well with all face shapes – an angled layered bob can elongate your facial structure, while long bobs with bangs can give round or square faces some volume.

For an effortless straighter and sleeker style, choose a smooth stacked bob that’s easy to blow-dry, or try a carefree beachy style by creating loose and wavy waves with open curl-defining styling products formulated for low hold – both of which will help prevent frizz!

3. Curly Bangs

Your bang length is integral to how they look on you, no matter your curl type or face shape. With so many stylish curved shag cuts that feature slightly longer front pieces that reach to graze your eyebrows, there’s sure to be one perfect for all types of curly hair textures!

Celebs like Solange and Yvonne Orji wear cropped cuts paired with curly bangs, showing that anyone can pull off this look. All it takes to achieve it is using mousse or gel and finger-coiling your curls – for added effect, you could try adding dry shampoo for a quick refresher between washes!

4. Side-Shaved Pixie

If you love your wavy or curly locks but don’t want the commitment of a long haircut, a short pixie cut could be ideal. Easy to style, classy looking, and perfect for adding weightlessness to thick or textured locks – what more could one ask for?

Curly pixie cuts can make an eye-catching statement about your curl pattern. By adding color to your locks, this look becomes even more eye-catching and emphasizes the shape of your face. Consider light pink or white hues for an irresistibly punk-rock aesthetic that will turn heads!

If the androgynous look is intimidating, have your stylist create an undercut fade to soften its impact and maintain an edge. Shaved pixie styles also work well on black women to give a more feminine and sleek look that is perfect for work or everyday outings.

5. Side Undercut

If you like the idea of an undercut without wanting it to be the focal point, a gorgeous half-and-half look with a short curly top and shaved sides may be needed to achieve your ideal style. Natalie Dormer’s iconic shaggy inverted bob is a perfect example; its long locks have been dyed a striking white blonde before styling into soft coils that add an edge against her sleek side shaves.

This pixie cut features a taper fade and side-swept undercut for an eye-catching combination of femininity and edge, making it an excellent way to embrace one’s, inner tomboy. Additionally, this stylish cut looks great on women of almost every color or curly pattern–especially those with platinum blonde locks!