Hair Style For Boys 2020

hair styles for boys in 2020 combine cutting-edge trends with classic cuts to produce cool and stylish styles. A fade haircut with hard part adds an eye-catching appearance appropriate for school. An alternative look that is trendy but easy to style is a comb over with taper fade, line-up around ears and spiky design – great way to show your individuality without breaking school dress code rules! This look allows them to show their individuality without violating school dress code rules.

Ivy League Haircut

Ivy League haircuts are well known for their professional appearance. This haircut features short back and sides with a longer top that’s easy to maintain and can be styled in a variety of ways – for optimal results show your barber a picture of the style you wish to achieve. This Ivy League hairstyle features an eye-catching side swept quiff in front and fade at the temples for a sleek, stylish look that works well for any event or work environment. Plus, add beard or stubble for extra texture! This look is ideal for guys who don’t want to spend much time styling their hair each morning.

Long Wavy hair with a Middle Part

Long wavy hair looks even better when styled with a middle part that creates a curtain-effect around the face, creating an appealing drape effect and increasing volume, texture and weight for dapper results. This men’s hair style can add volume, texture and natural weight for dapper results. Hair curtains have made a comeback and work particularly well on wavy locks. Ask your barber for the e-boy haircut for this style that can be styled slicked back or styled brushed out according to your desired look. A short and stylish fade with shorter slicked back layers is an ideal style for thicker wavy hair, emphasizing your curls while making it easier to slick back with gel or wax.

Buzz Cut with Skin Fade

There’s nothing quite as modern and striking as a buzz cut with skin fade for creating an eye-catching and trendy look. Plus, styling it is super-easy – simply use hair pomade for flawless styling results! Plus, this cut can elongate round face shapes while adding height for men with smaller features, making it the ideal style choice for boys who want to stand out in a crowd. The skin fade haircut is a variation on the classic fade that gradually tapers down from your neckline to ears for an eye-catching contrast with any short, medium or long length hair on top. Perfect for boys looking for something bold yet versatile; great with both messy or spiky looks; also ideal as an everyday school look or formal events.

Textured Crop with Angular Fringe

A textured crop with an angular fringe is an ideal haircut for boys with medium length hair. This versatile style suits all hair texture types; dress it up with pomade, clay, or wax for a sleek, sharp appearance or leave to dry naturally for more of a natural, “bedhead” vibe. Combine this style with a taper fade on the sides and back for the ideal boys haircut, then visit State Street Barbers monthly for touch-ups to keep it looking its best! Doing this will ensure a clean and finished look all of the time.

Crew Cut

An effortless high fade elevates this crew cut style to new heights of classy sophistication. Ideal for men who sport stunning beards, this look showcases all their hard work with class. If you’re not quite ready for the commitment of a full mohawk, a fauxhawk may be an attractive alternative that still has that rockstar aesthetic. Our stylists will clip around your sides but leave a small section of long hair down the middle which can be spiked with styling product for an aesthetically pleasing finish. If you want something less-than-intimidating, give the crew buzz cut a try. It is a short version of a traditional buzz cut with an unstructured taper starting from your temples and ears that transitions into an uneven longer top section.

Spiky Hair

Make an impactful statement with a striking hair style for men that combines short fade haircut and long spikes on top. Texture your spikes for strength and movement before finishing off your look with some hairspray to secure everything into place. This style works best when worn with a casual shirt and jeans; perfect for an outing with friends. To achieve this style, a medium hold hair pomade or wax is needed. Apply an even coating of product throughout your strands by spreading an approximately dime-sized amount throughout the hair strands.