Hair Design Ideas For Shaved Sides

A shaved sides haircut is one that features the sides of the head shaved while leaving the top longer. It is also known as an undercut. This type of haircut is very versatile and can be customized in any way you choose. Depending on the look you want, you can have long curly hair on the top or short straight hair.

High fade

A high fade is a haircut with a high point at the top of the head and gradually fades to a lower point at the back. This style also features close, sometimes shaved sides. The high fade is often a good choice for straight Hair, but it is not ideal for thick or curly hair.

High fade hairstyles are often layered, which adds an elegant touch to the style. A layered cut adds texture and character to the style, while the shaved sides make the ‘do look sleeker.’ The sides are also tapered to create a contrasting effect.

The high fade Hairstyle is one of the boldest types of men’s Hairstyle. It is often paired with a taper to bring the Hair down gradually from long to short. The high and tight look is also perfect for men who like to be minimalist. This style is particularly flattering for men with dark hair.

The high fade haircut is a style that has been around for a while. This style is a modern take on the old crew cut, with the top part getting shorter until the hair reaches the ear. A high fade is a stylish option that is popular with men who want a dramatic, yet stylish look.

A high fade is an easy and low-maintenance Haircut. It can add volume to a short crop. A side part fade adds to the style, and it keeps precious locks out of the way. It is one of the most popular men’s hairstyles.

Hard part

A hard part on the sides is an elegant hairstyle for men. Its shape makes it suitable for thicker hair and looks great with a pompadour. Nevertheless, it is a complicated style to style. It requires frequent haircuts. Ohio-based stylist Bet Vannoy recommends having the sides trimmed every three to four weeks. Moreover, men can also use styling cremes and clay to give the haircut a matte finish.

Although a hard part is considered a bold haircut style, it can be a good choice for a man with a square face. However, it is advisable to get a professional barber to cut it. Moreover, the hard part style needs regular maintenance, so it may be out of the question for a do-it-yourself guy.

A hard part looks good with other styles as well. The top hair can be parted or combed away from the part. This type of hairstyle is also suitable for men with short and wavy hair. However, men can choose to have a hard part on top or side hair for a unique look.

Another style that complements a hard part is a crew cut. It can make any hairstyle look more edgy. It also adds contrast and sharpness. Unlike other hairstyles, a hard part on the side is easy to grow out, making it an excellent choice for men with short hair. Longer hair may require a transitional style.

Whether you’re looking for a trendy haircut, or just want to update your favorite style, a hard part will be a perfect fit for you. Just remember that you’ll have to maintain this look regularly to keep it fresh.

Texturizing paste

The Matrix Style Link Over Achiever 3-In-1 Texturizing Paste is a revolutionary formula that delivers long-lasting hold and manageability. Whether your hair is thin or coarse, this paste provides a natural shine and control. It is reworkable and contains a UV filter for added protection.

It works great on both wet and dry hair and gives both matte and shiny finishes. It can be applied from root to tip. Avoid using a comb or other tool that might not evenly coat your hair with the product. For best results, apply the paste with your fingers.

The most important thing to remember is that this product is very versatile. It can produce both a matte and low-shine finish, depending on the application method. It can also be used for layering and texturing. Depending on the length of your hair, you may need to use different methods. Using the wrong technique will result in a bad result, which is the last thing you want.

Texturizing pastes are great for retaining hairstyles, even on a shaved side. This paste is thicker than pomades, so it will be easy to rework. You can use it with extra hold hairspray for a permanent hold.

Trendy look

Long shaved sides are a popular look for women. Shaving the sides and back of your head close to your skin gives you a shaved look that’s sure to turn heads. This look is often sported by high-profile women such as Rihanna, Kelly Osbourne, and Demi Lovato.

Shaved sides can be paired with a textured style like a curl cut or a fringe. If you want to make this style more feminine, wear it with a bun. This style will show off your side patterns. You can also choose a contrasting color to make your sidestyle pop.

Shaved sides can also be achieved with braided hairstyles. This style is perfect for a night out or a night at the club. For this look, you can braid down your sides with black or auburn braids and secure the ends with hair mousse or hair spray. You can also experiment with designs by adding hair accessories like hairpins, pins, and hair clips.

Shaved sides can also be styled into a high ponytail or boxer braids. This look is easy to maintain and requires no special skills. In addition, it will grow back after the shaving, making it a versatile style that’s great for everyday use. If you want to go all out for a shaved side, you can ask a hairstylist to help you.

Shaved sides also allow you to wear colorful braids. These braids will add flair and dimension to your hairstyle. You can also use hairspray to give your shaved sides some extra shine.

How to Spice Up a Shaved Sides Haircut

A shaved sides haircut looks slick and masculine, but there are some ways to spice it up. Using different hair styles and designs will give you an image you’re proud of. Try experimenting with different looks until you find the right look for you. You’ll be glad you did!

High bald fade

The high bald fade hairstyle is an excellent choice for any man who doesn’t want to fuss too much about his hair. It is a low-maintenance style that guarantees admiration. The hairstyle is suitable for both long and short hair. It has a military-like appeal and is appropriate for any occasion.

This haircut creates a high contrast effect between skin and hair color. It is one of the more popular cuts because it requires very little upkeep and can be a great way to extend the time between barber visits. However, because it requires some time for the hair to grow out, it isn’t suitable for men who have very short hair.

There are several variations of this hairstyle. Low-bald fade is shorter than high-bald fade, and begins just above the ear. Low-bald fades tend to be less noticeable than high-bald fades, but they’re still very stylish. Medium-bald fades start about an inch above the ear, but are much less dramatic than high-bald fades. Medium-bald fades can look particularly stylish with voluminous up-top hairstyles.

High-bald fades are the most popular. They create a high contrast look by gradually fading out the longer hair. A high-bald fade will make the top portion of your hair appear very short, while the sides and back hair will be a little longer. Depending on the style you choose, the bald fade will start about half way up the head and reach halfway up the sides and back.

High-bald fades can be very stylish, and you can play with contrasts with different textures. The look can be emphasized with a quiff or stubble. It looks cool and is a great choice for summer. The bald fade is a great option for men who want a unique look, and is suitable for both teenagers and adults.

A high-bald fade is a unique style that creates a unique impression. It’s a great choice if you want a bald fade to contrast with a skin fade on your sides. This hairstyle requires precision blending to look sharp and stylish. The bald fade should be at least an inch high, but the rest of the hair should remain longer. You can also use a water-based pomade to hold the baby hairs in place.

Sleek look

The shaved side haircut is perfect for those who love bold, edgy looks. This style can be easily maintained with regular trims, and it also offers plenty of styling options. If you’re not quite ready for such a drastic change, you can always ask your hairdresser for help.

A shaved side hairstyle can be styled many different ways to suit your face and hair texture. This look suits all types of hair and suits most face shapes. Shaved sides are a popular choice for men and look cool and modern. Getting one of these haircuts is easy, but you need to be sure to have the courage to try it.


A shaved sides haircut is an extremely versatile style. It works with any type of hair and face shape. Shaved sides can be hidden with an undercut or a side shave, making them the perfect choice for women who want to add instant sassiness and edge to their looks.

A shaved sides haircut has been around for a long time. It is a classic and versatile haircut that has been favored by musicians, actors, and even military men. It’s also easy to maintain and style. This cool hairstyle can make even thin hair appear thick.

Ease of maintenance

Shaved sides hairstyles are a great way to dispel the myth that pixie cuts have limited styling options. These styles are also popular among celebrities with short hair and can add some detail to the look. These hairstyles require regular trimming, which will help keep ends bouncy and healthy.