Top 5 Shaved Hairstyles For Men

Shaved hairstyles are an easy and stylish way to add some edge to any look, suitable for all hair types and textures. This edgy style can work on all kinds of locks and can also be worn flexibly, depending on your mood.

Undercut Design for a Balanced Appearance

Ask your stylist to create an undercut design in the nape of your neckline to give a balanced, feminine, and aggressive appearance at once. This will achieve the ideal combination of femininity and edginess in one step!

Side-Swept Bangs for a Slimming Effect

The side-swept bangs hairstyle looks fantastic with any length of hair, as it frames your features and makes them appear slimmer while concealing fine lines and wrinkles that develop with time. Try this look if your long locks are still being prepared for a bob haircut. This style adds movement to the strands while remaining stylish enough to pin up for red-carpet appearances.

Long hair with Shaved Sides for an Elegant and Modern Aesthetic

Long hair styled with shaved sides creates an elegant and modern aesthetic, and can be braided or styled in a comb-over. This look works particularly well on men who sport beards, as the shaved sides blend seamlessly into facial hair. If you have short hair, try experimenting with a stylish undercut. Make your shaved sides stand out by embellishing them with different designs or colors to show your uniqueness! It’s an excellent way to express yourself!

Curly hair with Shaved Sides for an Uncompromising Statement

If you have long, curly hair, consider a low fade haircut with a shaved side design for an uncompromising and bold statement. It will show everyone that you mean business! Use this style to accentuate your facial features or experiment with various hues – for instance, if you have blonde curly hair, try dyeing your shaved section a vibrant orange to make it stand out more. This adorable and creative style is ideal for girls who enjoy exploring their looks. Add boxer braids or twists for an eye-catching pop of color!

Short Twists for a Timeless and Sophisticated Look

Flat twists are a timeless protective hairstyle for natural textured hair that is easy to style and sophisticated. Perfect for people with busy lifestyles. To maintain these twists properly, use clarifying shampoo and good hair oil. Chunky kinky twists are another fashionable, long-wearing style that is often installed with Marley hair extensions or kinky extensions for an impressive volume and fullness. This look works best on medium-length, textured hair and pairs nicely with faded haircuts.

Shaved Flower Hair Design for Short Haircuts

A shaved flower hair design pairs beautifully with short haircuts. Not only will it add some creativity to your style, but curly locks also tend to suit this unique design! To give it a go yourself, pin up your locks and use a razor pen. This design is ideal for music fans. It creates the impression that you are an upcoming rockstar waiting to perform and can even be concealed when desired for more discreet settings.

Undercut with a Star Design for a Striking Statement

Star designs are often combined with undercut haircuts, and their intricate patterns may make a striking statement about who the owner is. This would make an excellent option for little boys looking to stand out. Get yourself a star pattern that looks similar to tattooed lines if you want a faux hawk haircut or mohawk! It would look incredible. Lines can be arranged horizontally or diagonally and combined into an attractive geometric design for an eye-catching finish. This works particularly well when worn with either a pixie cut or bob hairstyle.

Undercut with a Mohawk for a Subdued Style

Although traditionally associated with punk rockers, the mohawk can also be transformed for men who prefer more subdued styles. A taper fade provides an effective transition between the long top and shorter sides. This mohawk hairstyle stands out with its striking contrast between a thick textured top and sleek and trimmed sides, accentuated further by its shaved part. Furthermore, feathery braids can help separate and highlight different parts of your locks for an eye-catching finish.

Half Ponytail for Effortless Elegance

Are you searching for an effortless yet stylish hairstyle to wear day and night? Consider the half ponytail. This elegant style looks fantastic on any hair length, while its versatility means it can even be dressed up with fun accessories! This timeless look suits almost everyone and requires no special styling tools to pull off. Perfect for work and birthday parties alike.