The Queen Gets a Shorter Haircut This Summer

Queen Elizabeth II may have received an unexpected summer haircut this week during meetings with Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and Governor of New South Wales Margaret Beazley; her hair appeared shorter than usual.

Angela Kelly and Her Majesty’s Tresses

Angela Kelly, Queen Elizabeth’s senior dresser, recently shared some of her responsibilities in an updated version of her book – making history by becoming the first royal household member to agree to publish oneQueen Elizabeth is seldom seen without her Kent brushes in hand; since George III granted them royal warrant in 1770. These unique bristle brushes feature porcupine or boar bristles with handmade satin wood handles, which require up to 540 hours for drying and hand finishing before becoming part of her royal wardrobe.

The Exquisite hair of the British Monarchy

Every time the British monarchy attends an official event, their exquisite hair is displayed. From Kate Middleton’s bouncy blowout to Princess Diana’s voluminous beehive style – their unmatched elegance can be a source of luxe beauty inspiration.

Ian Carmichael’s Indispensable Role

Ian Carmichael has been honored for his longstanding service to Her Majesty by receiving a Member of the Royal Victorian Order award in the New Year Honours list. As one of Her Majesty’s 19-year hairdressers based out of Stirling and traveling alongside Her Majesty on state visits to ensure her barnet is always immaculate, Mr. Carmichael is considered an indispensable asset and needs no introduction!

The Wigs of Bridgerton

Netflix’s hit period drama Bridgerton features jaw-dropping wigs for Queen Bridget that draw inspiration from official portraiture, historical images of England’s Regency period, Old Hollywood movie stars, and modern pop icons to craft these jaw-dropping styles for her queenly attire. Marc Pilcher was responsible for this exquisite task.

The Intricacies of Wig-making

A wig is a head covering of human or animal hair worn for fashion, protection, religious purposes, or to hide baldness. Each strand of hair must be meticulously sorted manually or with machinery to ensure it grows in the right direction. The most costly wigs are typically constructed using human or animal hair specially processed to give it an ‘organic’ appearance, creating the illusion that it grew from the scalp itself.

The Queen’s Signature Style

The Queen has always been known for her signature style, wearing comfortable block-heeled shoes and choosing vibrantly-hued suits to help people quickly recognize her in crowds. In the show “The Crown,” Olivia Colman and Hall tried on various wigs until they found one that made their star stand out. Other historical details of Victoria Hamilton’s hair in the show were accurate.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Summery Look

Pictures released this week during meetings between Queen Elizabeth II and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby at Windsor Castle showed her with shorter strands that looked dainty and summery when combined with her floral dress featuring pink-white rose patterned flowers, as well as blue cornflowers.