Shag Haircuts For Thick Hair

Reach a stylish, modern aesthetic with this below-the-shoulder shag cut. This layered haircut features long, feathery bangs to frame the face beautifully. Feathered cuts are ideal for wavy hair, and if you want to show your rebellious side, pair this midi shag with curtain bangs and a deep strawberry bronde shade for maximum impact.

Layered Shag Mullet

The layered shag mullet works well for most density levels, enabling users to wear it in straight, wavy, or curly styles, and can even complement various facial structures by being worn with fringe or curtain bangs. If your client has a heart face shape, start her layers just beneath cheek level and add soft curtain bangs for added dimension and delicacy. This style also works well on square faces, which tend to be heavier in the top portion, benefitting from face-framing layers to help make her more feminine and delicate. Start by cutting the hair below the occipital bone to determine your client’s desired haircut length, and use this as your guide. Always ensure your client understands exactly what’s happening to their locks! Be sure to explain this process so they know exactly what you are doing with their locks!

Shaggy for Older Women

Women over 60 can still enjoy a shaggy look as it’s flexible enough to suit any hair length. The texture and layering of a shag add volume-boosting layers that frame and highlight cheekbones for an eye-catching finish. An elegant and feminine style that conceals large foreheads while framing the eyes, such as a nape-length shag with long feathered sideburns and curtain bangs, is ideal. Additionally, this look pairs perfectly with blonde balayage highlights. A rounded, choppy shag that grazes the collarbone is another perfect option for thick hair. It suits various density levels and can be styled with waves or straightened using a blow dryer for an effortless look.

Shaggy for Brunette

When styling fine hair to achieve a shaggy style, be cautious not to overdo the layering process. Too much layering will cause thinner locks. To avoid an unattractive mullet-like appearance, ask your stylist to set your desired length by cutting a vertical section under your occipital bone as a guideline for the rest of the cut. Wispy layers frame the face in this medium-length shag haircut, creating an eye-catching style. By adding waves for natural movement and movement, this medium brown textured shag also showcases copper highlights in your hair.

Shaggy for Over 60

Shag haircuts are surprisingly flexible and can adapt to fit all hair textures and face shapes, including this shoulder-length version with shaved sides – ideal for anyone wanting to explore their own personal style and add an edge of rebellion into their look. Contrasting with other cuts that may be difficult to manage with fine hair, this medium shag features layers that help boost volume without making the locks too full. Furthermore, stylists used balayage as a color technique to lighten up brunette locks for extra depth and dimension in this classic cut – perfect for anyone seeking an upgrade in hue.

Texturized Shag with Curtain Bangs

Thick hair can be challenging to style without looking weighed-down and bulky, and shag haircuts offer a solution by decreasing density without cutting too much length off of it. Reviving your shag with curtains bangs is one way to add a modern, feminine twist – this look is popular among women with chin-length bubblegum pink bobs, such as actress Kilo Kish. For something more emo or rock and roll-esque, choppy ends can accentuate layers for an eye-catching, texturized finish. Learn all you need to know to ace this eye-catching cut from expert Rachel Williams at BTC University! Section elevation and texturizing techniques are often challenging when beginning their shag cut journey, so get all the knowledge and techniques necessary for mastering this iconic style from BTC University!

Shaggy for Short Hair

This shag cut features short layers that frame the face for an effortless style and tons of texture for an undone, disheveled appearance that’s effortless. Color can also add flair; try an ombre from blonde to orange or even something bolder like a vibrant dye job to bring it alive! This light wedge shag is fashionable with its choppy ends and layered bangs, drawing attention to your jawline and emphasizing natural beauty. This sexy, wavy shag works great on medium-textured hair. It allows you to bring out the bounciness in your locks, making them appear full and voluptuous. Furthermore, this cut combines elements from shag mullet and bob styles – the result is genuinely stylish!