Shag Haircuts For Thick Hair

A shag haircut can bring out your inner rock star. Ideal for women with thick locks, this cut will reduce bulk and make their strands lighter while adding edge.


If you want an extended shag cut, be sure to request layers that frame your face. This style works exceptionally well on women with angular or diamond-shaped faces, adding volume and emphasizing cheekbones. A middle part can help balance out your face’s appearance and draw focus toward the eyes.

Two-tone hair

The shag haircut is incredibly adaptable, working well for all hair textures, face shapes, and lengths. It can pair beautifully with different colors, such as bold orange hues, for a grunge vibe. Dip dye coloring techniques are ideal for creating shag cuts as it emphasizes face-framing layers while being low maintenance.

Ombre hair coloring

The ombre coloring trend works particularly well on shag haircuts as it adds dimension without becoming overt. Light or dark tones should contrast against each other to produce a dramatic look.

Bright orange hair

A shag haircut is a fun and expressive way to add color to your locks. Face-framing streaks or full-dye jobs can create an eye-catching look. Lightening balayage or an all-over bright orange shade stands out on any hair texture.

Two-tone bangs

Long shag haircuts pair beautifully with two-tone hair color options. Try coloring it a vibrant orange shade for added vibrancy, or select lighter tones for a softer appearance. Two-tone bangs can accentuate your facial structure and frame your eyes perfectly.

Low Ponytail

Low ponytails with shag haircuts are an elegant way to show off your layered look. They work well with any hair length and help balance heavy layers. Pink hair adds feminine charm, while ombre coloring offers subtle contrast that blends the hues.

Long choppy shag haircuts

Long choppy shag haircuts offer an ideal way to add glamour and rock star flair. They are sure to turn heads. For something edgier, try an uneven bang haircut instead.