Hair Color Chart – Ash Blonde and Ash Brown

Ash Blonde

Ash blonde is a cool-toned light shade that suits most complexions, especially those with light to medium skin tones and blue or green eyes. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Naomi Watts, Kate Hudson, and Cara Delevingne, have worn this look with stunning results. However, discussing your coloring options with your stylist if you have warm or olive skin tones is essential, as cool shades can wash out or alter strands instead of appearing neutral.

Ash Brown

Dark Ash Brown

Ash brown is a beautiful cool-toned shade similar to dark brownish grey that works excellently with various hair coloring techniques such as ombre and highlights. The color complements Asian skin tones beautifully. Medium ash brown hues are ideal for blondes looking to lighten up and dark brunettes who want to go blonde without going overly warm. Their subtle yet eye-catching tint helps highlight strand brightness while complementing almost every complexion. Opt for a light ash brown ombre with fine blonde streaks for an effortless, everyday style that exudes a natural glow. This style will give your locks a gorgeous wild gleam and works beautifully for all hair lengths. Beautiful dove gray and sparrow brown hues create the image of bird wings in this balayage ash brown hair look. Its wavy hairstyle makes for an eye-catching style, working particularly well when styled with a side part. No matter the shade of ash brown you desire, there are so many ways you can wear this beauty trend.

Silvery Ash Brown

If you’re seeking an icy brown shade, look no further. This calm tone boasts subtle blue and green pigments, giving this light ash-brown hair color its signature icy look. While not as cold as actual gray shades, this one remains cooler than blonde and is an excellent way to neutralize yellow or red tones without switching completely to gray tones. Maintain a silvery-ash brown shade by switching to sulfate-free shampoo and avoiding overwashing your locks. A dry shampoo may also help keep them fresh and clean. Dark ash brown hair looks gorgeous when highlighted using the balayage technique and is both flattering on straight and curly locks. While less dramatic than traditional black dye jobs, deep ash brown has an irresistibly rich reflective quality that complements most skin tones beautifully. Try this ashy brown shade with highlights for an added pop of shimmer. Face-framing white and ash-brown strands add dimension to this dark ash-brown hair color, creating a shimmery effect that highlights facial features. This subtle shade is excellent for anyone seeking a modest look without losing their natural hue.

Tips and Maintenance

To keep your ash hair color looking its best, here are a few tips:

– For complete ash looks, bleaching may be required before dyeing it this color.

– Invest in color-protective shampoo or conditioner to keep strands vibrant without brassy yellow tones. L’Oreal Paris Excellence Ash Supreme is recommended as it contains anti-brass purple technology.

– Switch to sulfate-free shampoo to maintain a silvery-ash brown shade.

– Avoid overwashing your locks and use a dry shampoo to keep them fresh and clean.

– Start mid-shaft for a soft and subtle look when opting for highlights.

– Use color-safe shampoos and conditioners to keep your ash blonde color vibrant and healthy.

– Discuss your coloring options with your stylist if you have warm or olive skin tones to ensure the best result.