Sew in Weave Hair Extensions

Sew-in weaves are protective styles designed to transform your look while keeping your natural hair full and healthy. Whether you choose synthetic or virgin human hair extensions, a skilled stylist will braid and sew in the extensions into your natural hair to create the weave. With proper care, a quality weave can last six to eight weeks.

How to Choose Your Wefts

Sewn-in weft hair extensions offer a solution for women who want longer or thicker locks without damaging their natural hair. These extensions, woven into your locks by a stylist during an appointment, can last eight to 10 weeks with proper care. Finding wefts with similar textures to your natural hair is essential for the best results. Matching the color and texture closely is ideal for more styling options. Use conditioner designed for human hair to keep your natural and weave moisturized. Washing your locks at least twice a week with a heat-protectant shampoo will help maintain their health and prevent buildup. Point-cutting the ends of the weaves can prevent fraying.

Gather Your Supplies

Preparing for a sew-in weave requires several supplies. Your stylist may use a scalp tonic or oil based on your needs. Conditioning spray is recommended daily to maintain volume and a defined appearance when opting for curl sew-ins. It is essential to wash your sew-in, reaching all braids while avoiding excessive shampooing that can dry out and damage the locks. Using a deep conditioner once a week can help keep the hair healthy and prevent dryness or brittleness.

Make Your Braids

Sew-ins are an innovative hair extension technique that involves braiding your natural hair into a pattern before sewing in the weave extension. This method allows you to change the length or thickness without using glue or heat styling techniques. Wavy sew-ins can add volume and be styled for occasions, such as with bangs or middle parts. Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioning sprays can keep the locks healthy and add texture. Skilled professionals can install a sew-in weave within three to five hours.

Start Sewing

Correctly treated sew-in weaves should not cause damage to your natural hair. Washing your hair twice weekly is essential for maintaining a healthy scalp and hair, preventing product and oil buildup. Opting for colored wefts can add a stylish flair to your look. The installation process of a sew-in can take three to six hours, depending on your hair length, texture, and style. Heat protectant and deep conditioning at least once a week can nourish the weave, preventing tangles and potential damage to your natural hair.