Fade Short Hairstyles For Men

Fades are an incredibly versatile short haircut, making them suitable for various styling choices and purposes. Pairing one with a shaved design or texturized top can help showcase your personality and sense of style. There are multiple styles of fades that a barber can implement, from low, mid, and high fades. Additionally, your barber may add designs like triangles or spikes for an eye-catching finish.

Afro Mohawk Fade

The mohawk fade is a striking and eye-catching hairstyle that will ensure you stand out in a crowd. Perfect for all types of curly or straight hair, its maintenance is straightforward; adding color is also possible to show your individuality! This short, spiky mohawk with a high fade is an ideal style for guys with afro-textured hair, as you can use texture creme to give it its distinctive spiky appearance and emphasize curls. To maintain this neat and clean look, trim every week or two for best results.

Temple Fade and Mohawk Hairstyles

Temple fade, and mohawk hairstyles are popular among men of all ages, featuring low, mid, or high fades at the sides, leaving longer lengths at the top. A mohawk can be combed backward or to one side for an aesthetic finish.

High Top Fade

A high-top fade is an excellent haircut option for men with curly, oily locks. This look emphasizes your natural texture while creating a dapper and stylish appearance with its sleek outline and modern finish. Adding designs or hard-side parts to this style is also simple. Although this haircut is most frequently associated with black men, it can also work effectively for white guys willing to experiment. Combining twists, braids, dreadlocks, or an Afro into your high-top fade can add dimension and uniformity to your style; pairing it with either a box or skin fade will complete your appearance further – an eye-catching style that celebrates individualism and uniqueness! It will turn heads and prove its effectiveness for years.

Skin Fade Undercut

Skin fade haircuts for men offer low maintenance requirements and feature short locks on the sides and back that disappear into facial skin for an unassuming, sleek, and minimal appearance. If you want a striking style, ask your barber to include a high disconnected undercut fade to your cut. This modern variation of the fade haircut offers a clean and crisp appearance while standing out with its distinct contrasts. This fantastic haircut works beautifully in a combover mini pompadour or a classic combover quiff hairstyle. Add extra masculine touches by pairing this look with beard and mustache grooming, and matte pomade or clay as a matte pomade can give this style a rugged, textural finish that makes an impressionful first impression.

Spiked Fade

Spiked hairstyles remain timeless. Men and women alike still love this eye-catching and masculine style that pairs perfectly with faded haircuts. To achieve this hairstyle, all necessary are some wax or pomade and some workable styling clay; start with clean, slightly damp hair before evenly applying both products to each section of hair. Low temple fades are a great way to add subtle spikiness to any hairstyle, as they won’t empty your sides. They’re ideal for men looking for ways to add extra character or versatility into their look and can even pair perfectly with full beards for a stylish touch! As much as spiked hair is often associated with rebellion and subversiveness, this sleek style can also be polished and professional. The fade gives this look a distinct edge suitable for men of all ages.

Temple Fade

Curly or textured styles require special consideration when styling their locks; temp fade haircuts are ideal for taming those kinks and defining the top. Pair it with the soft line-up, mustache, and beard for an effortlessly stylish and laidback look. Low temple fades are an ideal complement for side-swept pompadour hairstyles, bringing out their bold character. Fluffy fringes with texturizing products for full, full-bodied texture combine beautifully with shorter sides for immaculate shaping – this hairstyle works exceptionally well in formal settings.