How to Style Semi-Curly hair For a Male

Burst Fade Haircut: Curly hair can be eye-catching and attractive, especially with a burst fade haircut. Keep your curls hydrated and healthy using sulfate-free shampoo and deep conditioning every two weeks.

Side Part Comb Over Haircut: The comb-over haircut is a fashionable and low-maintenance style that can be easily styled into various looks like pompadour or quiff with minimal product.

Aged Side Part with Hard Part: Add a hard part to the aged side part hairstylert. This involves cutting lines into your hair with a razor to create a more distinct part. Pair it with a skin fade and medium hold pomade for a chic yet casual appearance.

Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight: This product can add texture to a casual comb-over, creating an elegant style for special events. It works well with fuller beards and shorter sides and back hair length.

Tapered Fade Haircut: Taper fade is a classic haircut that suits any style. Experiment with longer locks on top styled back or combed forward. Combine it with a rugged beard for a stylish look.

High Fade Haircut: High fades offer a more dramatic statement. It can start anywhere on your head or even below, creating an elegant and sophisticated appearance. Clean temple fades are popular in high-fade haircuts.

Hard Part Pompadour: This hairstyle helps emphasize curls and create volume for wavy locks. Moisturize regularly to maintain healthy hair.

Short Stubble Haircut: A simple stubble cut is an excellent for curly hair. Keep the sides and back faded, while keeping the curls prominent on top. Pair it with a side part and trim the beard thin for balance.

Light Hold Gel for Security: Use soft hold gel to help maintain the curls and secure the style.

Jamie Dornan’s Curly Haircut: Jamie Dornan’s dark blonde curly locks are showcased in a sleek back style, perfect for any occasion.

Short Slicked-Back Haircut: A slicked-back haircut is ideal for showcasing natural curls. It works best with medium-length hair and can be maintained using pomade or gel.

High Fade with Slicked Back Haircut: Classic style for men with thick locks, adding class and refinement to their look.

Long-Slicked Back Haircut with Middle Parting: A casual yet timeless variation of the slicked-back look, suitable for men with curly hair. It can be worn with or without a beard and pairs nicely with walrus mustaches.