How to Make the Most of a 16-Inch hair Length

A 16-inch hair length is the perfect balance between being short and long. It is about mid-back length and depends on the texture of your hair. For most women, this length will hit the center of their back. If your hair is thick and shiny, this length may also be the perfect choice for you. Alternatively, if your hair is thin and limp, a 16-inch length will give you an airy, feminine appearance.

16 inch hair length is not too short nor too long


A 16-inch hair length is the perfect balance between length and style. Straight, wavy or curly, it is perfect for most women. It reaches the waist, and it is thick enough to show volume. You can wear it down to the waist or to your shoulder if you want. It is a popular choice for everyday wear because it is versatile enough to be styled in several ways.

It is a kind of mid-back length


Despite its name, mid-back length hairstyles aren’t the most popular among women. Most of the time, they’re not the best choice for thick, coarse textures. That’s why some celebrities opt for extensions at a mid-back length instead. In addition, this type of hair can be styled in many ways, including high-updos and braids.

It is popular for thickening hair or shoulder-length hair


Whether you have thin or thick hair, you can find the perfect cut at a shoulder-length haircut. You can even add a bit of volume with highlights and subtle waves. You can even use texturizing spray to add extra volume and movement to your style. The 16 inch length is an excellent compromise between shoulder-length hair and long hair. It gives you the freedom to wear your hair up in a ponytail or chignon without feeling too limited in styling options.

It is popular for adding volume


There are many reasons why a sixteen-inch hair length is so popular for adding volume. It is straight, thick, and relatively easy to style. The length will reach the waist and is the perfect length for most people. In addition, this length is also soft and shiny, making it a very versatile length for adding volume. This length also has many different styles. If you have 16-inch hair, consider these tips to make the most of it.


The shortest hair length is 12-14 inches long. These are perfect for adding thickness and bulking up strands. In addition, a 16-inch hair length sits just above the bust. The next shortest length is 18-inch, which is also popular for adding volume. Longer lengths are typically 22-inch or longer. You can experiment with a mixture of lengths to find a look that suits you best.