Self Hair Cutting Devices

Whether you’re cutting your hair or giving yourself a buzz cut, the right tools are essential to success. Look for devices that are user-friendly and will get the job done efficiently.

Flowbee and Robocut Tools

Numerous devices have been created specifically to address this problem, including the Flowbee and Robocut tools. Both tools offer easy cleanup while performing well on all lengths of hair.


Scissors are one of the easiest and simplest self-hair cutting tools. A pair of scissors that resemble a hair comb allows you to trim your locks quickly. When purchasing scissors, they must fit comfortably in your hand for maximum control and power during precision cutting.


Mirrors are essential tools for self-hair cutting. From trimming beards and lines of fade to cleaning up necklines and trimming beards, using this lightweight mirror will allow you to cut with ease. Plus, its folding design makes it portable – great for traveling! This 3-way design also includes an educational app from professional barbers with step-by-step tutorials to guide users. Furthermore, its 3-way design enables a wider view of your entire head and hair from multiple angles for improved clarity – making this an excellent solution for men and women who wish to save money while still achieving that freshly-from-the-barbershop appearance.

The Cut Buddy

Joshua Esnard created The Cut Buddy as an innovative solution to assist individuals in trimming and grooming their hair and facial hair at home. It consists of multiple-angled clear templates that you hold up against your face to use with stenciling pencils or razor/clippers; additionally, it comes with different trim guides. The Cut Buddy is one of the premier self-hair-cutting devices. Featuring bends designed to match different face shapes, it helps prevent mistakes when trimming or shaping your hairline or beard.

The Self-Cut System

This handy device provides an alternative to hand-held mirrors that may be inconvenient or awkward when cutting your hair. Featuring three mirrors affixed to a frame that can be hung anywhere for easy viewing from all sides of your head, this tool gives you more visibility. Its built-in light makes it easier to see exactly where to cut, making this model particularly helpful if your bathroom or bedroom lacks adequate illumination. This travel-friendly, portable self-cutting device comes with a free app featuring step-by-step tutorials from professional barbers, making it the ideal tool to achieve that fresh from-the-barber look without needing an appointment for haircutting. Fold it up for compact storage when not in use – perfect for home, hotel rooms, and travel use alike! Its compact size also means it can easily fit in luggage when traveling; it is excellent for use at home, hotels, or on the road – it is perfect!

The Straightening Comb

This innovative device combines straightener and comb functions in one, making the transition easier and saving money at salon haircuts! Plus, its unique combination can save time as well! Before using a hair straightening comb, always detangle your locks to facilitate more accessible comb travel and prevent heat-induced pull-out of roots. Also, apply a heat protectant before using so your tresses remain safe from damage. This unique device can be used on hair of various lengths for DIY trimming, making it the ideal tool for DIY tasks! Easy to use and with little cleaning up afterward – perfect for precise cuts!