Sailor Moon Wig

Classroom cliques, pop quizzes, and cafeteria food can be challenging enough, but when it comes to fighting off ancient evil and saving the galaxy, it becomes much more dramatic. With this Sailor Moon Wig in hand, it should make any magical transformation easier! This faux hairpiece is constructed of high-heat-resistant synthetic fiber and offers maximum softness! Additionally, two long and detachable ponytails make styling simple!

Usagi Tsukino Wig

The Usagi Tsukino Wig is a pre-styled odango-style wig featuring curly pigtails sewn on top. Crafted with high-quality imported synthetic heat-resistant hair that can be styled using heat tools up to 180 degrees, the Usagi Tsukino is designed as a full-head costume wig with a lace front to fit most heads comfortably. This wig is ideal for cosplay and Halloween parties. You can use it to make a Usagi Tsukino cosplay costume with ease! Plus, its maintenance is very straightforward – wash at home! This iconic Usagi Tsukino wig comes in various shades, but blonde stands out. Usagi’s long, blonde locks make her character so memorable in Sailor Moon and are one of the primary draws to cosplaying as her. For this to work successfully, they need an appropriately high-quality Usagi Tsukino wig.

Princess Serenity Wig

Princess Serenity was the heiress to the Silver Millennium and Ginzuishou thrones. She fell deeply in love with Prince Endymion as a princess, using the Spiral Heart Moon Rod weapon. Usagi transforms into Princess Serenity when she needs to use all the power of the Ginzuishou, becoming more elaborately attired with pearl barrettes and earrings, plus a bow that forms wings behind her back and losing shoulder pieces. As Princess Sailor Moon, she had an air of royalty, with long blond locks cut with two ringlets in front. Her face had more prominent features and light pinky peach eyes; as Sailor Moon, she used her attacks based on mythology, love, healing, and light, using sword attacks against enemy attacks while unleashing devastating projectiles with projectiles to heal the land using her harp and spear harp as weapons to effectively defend herself and lead by example as a compelling Sailor Guardian as one could expect from this influential leader, even without ever being called upon as such an individual.

Sailor Mars Wig

Modern magical girls face many hardships in school life and beyond – from dealing with cliques to unappetizing cafeteria food – which makes life challenging. Add a talking black cat who transforms them into superheroes, and the drama escalates! Long blonde locks can be difficult to maintain when combined with all the flashing lights of a superhero costume, but don’t worry: This Sailor Mars Wig is here! This wig is constructed from high-quality synthetic fiber that’s heat resistant, giving you plenty of options when styling it to meet the character’s signature look. Use your hot curling iron or straightener on low settings to tame its locks to the character’s specifications! It’s adjustable straps and skin top feature make for effortless part styling, so creating anime-accurate Sailor Mars cosplay looks is simple! (Featured cosplayer Asagiri Cosplay used this wig as her base!) Click to discover more!

Sailor Venus Wig

This stunning yellow wig comes closer to mimicking natural hair color than most options on this list. Featuring a fluffy design with an attached lace front for secure application of tape or spirit gum, one size will fit most adults but requires a larger head circumference than some options on this list. Minako was the main protagonist of Naoko Takeuchi’s short manga series Codename: Sailor V, the predecessor to Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. As her civilian self, Minako is a model and beauty pageant winner known by her moniker Sailor Venus or Sailor V and known for her love of makeup and fashion. When transformed into her superhero self, however, she gains access to all the powers from her Guardian Planet and Princess, with the Crescent Beam attack being her primary attack, though Venus Love-Me Chain is used when she uses her disguise when disguised as Sailor Moon in both anime and live-action series as well.