Rachel Maddow’s New Hairstyle

Her High School Yearbook Photo Reveals She Had Long Blonde Locks

Maddow graduated from Castro Valley High School in California, and her high school yearbook now makes headlines for her appearance. The photo showcases her beauty, dark eyes, and blonde locks hanging loose around her shoulders.

At times, Rachel Maddow has worn other hair colors, such as brunette and redhead hues. Recently, she showcased a gorgeous blonde pixie cut that accentuated her features beautifully.

She’s Keeping Her hair Short

Rachel Maddow emphasized her refusal to follow Fox News’ example of pitting people with different viewpoints against each other.

Maddow’s commitment to keeping people engaged and interested relies on traditional journalism and providing facts.

She’s Wearing a Pixie Cut

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC has debuted a fresh new style on her show. Instead of her long blonde locks, she now rocks a close-cropped pixie cut. This hairstyle requires minimal upkeep while still adding some edge.

She’s Getting a New Haircut

Currently hosting her show on MSNBC, Maddow has experienced personal and professional setbacks. She has faced threats from people opposing her views and has regularly battled depression.

Despite the challenges, Rachel Maddow remains committed to her work and passionate about delivering an exceptional performance on her MSNBC show “Reporter at Night,” which airs every evening at 9 pm ET/PT.