The Best Hair Colors For Fair Hair

Fair hair can be an eye-catching shade that complements certain people. But finding one to suit your skin tone and undertone may prove challenging.

Light platinum blonde is an in-vogue hue, perfectly complementing pale skin without washing it out. Calm undertoned individuals may prefer an ash-blonde shade instead.

Warm blonde shades suit many different skin tones and eye colors, unlike their relaxed counterparts, which often possess blue or violet undertones. Honey, caramel, and buttery hues look vibrant under natural lighting conditions. Medium-toned women typically opt for a sun-kissed, golden blonde look as an elegant go-to look. Honey highlights or golden balayage techniques on a bronde base will achieve the beachy aesthetic you seek, while toning can help to maintain color by eliminating unwanted brassiness.

Cool-toned complexions often benefit from blonde shades with gray or silvery undertones, such as Lady Gaga who donned light ash blonde with pink undertones to showcase this trend. Medium-toned women can sport any number of blonde shades. If you prefer sun-kissed hues, ask your stylist to add cool highlights that give the impression of texture and lived-in strands. For an elegant platinum blonde look, opt for full or partial head of ash blonde using the balayage technique. Ash can also be combined with warm golden tones for an exquisite style.

Warm blonde is the ideal shade to complement fair, warm skin tones like Leslie Mann’s or Emma Stone’s complexions. If you want to take the plunge with red hair but aren’t ready to fully commit, strawberry blonde offers a gradual way into warmer hues without as much of a sudden shock factor. Additionally, strawberry blonde suits those who have cool complexions.

Brown blonde is one of the most universally flattering hair colors. From tortoiseshell brown to caramel blonde color melts, this shade perfectly complements any length or texture. Mushroom brown highlights work well on any hair length and are easy to complete with a fairer complexion. For low-maintenance styling options, ask your stylist about soft caramel balayage throughout your locks for a natural-looking hue that looks beautiful with straight or wavy locks.

Burgundy highlights will add a pop of color to any style, whether your hair is naturally blonde or already red. This wavy burgundy balayage was carefully blended for maximum dimension and shine. As with other shades of red hair, burgundy tends to fade quickly over time. Regular salon visits and shampoos specifically tailored for colored hair may help extend its vibrancy longer. If bold wine hues aren’t your cup of tea, try something subtler, such as this dusty pastel burgundy ombre blend of lilac and pinkish-white highlights with maroon-red roots.

Strawberry blonde can be an enchanting alternative to bright red locks if you aren’t quite ready for such a drastic transformation. It is a light golden shade with subtle hints of pale red that perfectly compliments fair skin tones, looking especially gorgeous when styled into soft waves or messy buns. Some celebrities boast naturally strawberry blonde locks, such as Isla Fisher, Holland Roden, and Amy Adams; however, you too can achieve this gorgeous hue at home by utilizing reverse ombre techniques.

Baby blonde is one of the most gorgeous shades of blonde. This youthful shade resembles what most babies are born with and stands out as more sophisticated and sexy than Hollywood platinum blonde, creating an irresistibly seductive look. Grace Kelly made this shade iconic, and it can help those seeking a subtle color change make an effective transition. Add soft baby lights and balayage for a natural-looking style with minimal maintenance requirements between touchups.

Beige blonde is an elegant and classic tone, less brightly or light than platinum. Perfect for those who don’t want a full Barbie blonde effect but wish to avoid switching to pastel hues like pink. This trending hue is a warm-toned blonde reminiscent of beachy sand, golden yellows, and rust browns. It suits most skin tones, particularly those with pale undertones, and looks stunning, worn either loosely wavy or in a low bun style.