How to Avoid DIY Quarantine Hair Disasters

Now that salons have closed down, many individuals do their beauty routines, such as haircuts, at home. However, people must follow these tips from professional stylists to avoid DIY quarantine hair disaster.

A new haircut marks more than just style – it represents a significant transition in life. And as we move into our next chapter, here’s how you can keep your tresses looking their best!

Appointing yourself for a haircut can give you the power to feel in charge and charge. Unfortunately, getting an unsuitable one can erode your self-confidence and take weeks (or months!) of therapy to recover.

As lockdowns, social distancing guidelines, and quarantine orders have forced non-essential businesses across the nation to close, salons and barbershops have had to complete due to lockdowns, which has harmed those relying on regular trims and touchups for their hair or nails.

No need to forgo getting your hair cut; follow these guidelines:

It can be tempting to want an external change during quarantine, but perhaps your desire indicates something more profound. According to hairstylist and YouTuber Brad Mondo, getting a haircut might signal to yourself and others that something has changed within yourself or elsewhere.

Many have taken up Kool-Aid hair dyeing for themselves, though this is not recommended. Box dye can be difficult to match up, causing irreparable damage if done improperly.

Salons remain open, enabling clients to maintain their look during quarantine by offering at-home color touchup kits. Salon Benita Bianca in Northern Liberties offers one such piece of equipment containing root and toner that can be purchased online through their website.

As quarantine continues, women wonder what to do with unattractive manicures and limp locks. Some turn to extreme at-home treatments, while others turn to natural solutions as a beauty reset solution.

Even if you don’t feel ready to experiment with new styles, there are ways you can still keep your quarantine hair and nails looking their best until the world feels safe again.

As an alternative to using acetone to remove gel polish (which strips your nails), try strengthening base coat or liquid gold for a quick manicure at home (be sure to soak nails first!). Remember to support local beauty professionals — use Venmo to prepay their services when they resume working!

As part of a significant life transition, seeking an external change that reflects its depths can be helpful. A haircut may be just the ticket!

Due to social distancing policies and quarantine orders, salons may not be open. Therefore, you might not be able to make an appointment right away – however, this doesn’t mean you must live with split ends and your pixie cut growing out indefinitely!

Dawson advises using root touch-up sprays until you can visit a salon for treatment, particularly box dye. She cautions against self-dyeing your hair at home with this form of DIY dyeing as its results could be disastrous – which might not sit well with paparazzi!

As salons close, many women have turned to DIY solutions for their hair care. Utilizing their free time to try different styles and ways of styling them – even going natural – their locks.

Stylists report seeing more women with natural hair during quarantine. Some have even decided to big chop, an experience which can be both difficult and rewarding.

If you are considering bleaching your hair during quarantine, consult a licensed hair colorist first. “To ensure you aren’t doing any further damage to your strands,” suggests Nunzio Saviano of Nunzio Saviano Salon in New York and Shape Brain Trust member. To keep strands looking healthier and manageable before proceeding with bleaching treatments. Saviano suggests getting your trim first to take care of any dry or split ends and give your locks more manageability.