How to Style a Man’s Hairstyle 2019

Hairstyle is integral to men’s appearance, helping them express themselves and leave an impressive first impression on others.

The Textured Crop

The textured crop is one of the hottest hairstyle trends for 2019. Easy to style, this timeless cut works on every face shape – it can even be worn spiky, combed back, or tied into a top knot!

High Ponytails

The classic ponytail has made a dramatic comeback, both casually and for formal events. Perfect for everyday casual looks or special occasions, you can pair this style with scrunchies for relaxed occasions or add accessories such as bows for elegant events. Bella Hadid rocks the high bun ponytail style with black hair clips, leaving out some strands to frame her face and tease the crown for added volume. Perfect for medium-length or long hair and all face shapes!

Wet Hair

Men with long wavy, or curly hair may benefit from creating the wet look as it adds definition without appearing greasy. Distribute strong-hold gel evenly through damp hair and comb back for an effortlessly stylish red carpet style. Consider applying lightweight smoothing cream for added shine and control if your locks feel dry.

At the end of 2018, the 1990s-inspired mid-length cut came back and is seen on stars like Milo Ventimiglia on red carpets. For men with longer locks, this stylish hairstyle can be worn slicked back into a quiff or styled into an eye-catching man bun for maximum impact – perfect for all ages and beard types alike.

Braided Side Ponytail

Add feminine charm to your hairstyle with a braided side ponytail for an eye-catching, chic, yet effortless style. Brush out your locks before applying smoothing serum, dividing them into three or four sections, braiding each section individually, and finishing with hairspray for extra security.

Shaggy Layers

Shaggy layers are an effective way to add style and texture to your hair, perfect for thick straight locks or creating more casual styles like loose wavy shags. If your natural wavy locks have relaxed side bangs, a long shaggy layered bob with irregular layers adds an intriguing edge to everyday wear. This look features a center parting with uneven, varying layers for an intriguing aesthetic.

For a girl-next-door style, try opting for a chin-length wavy shag with face-framing bangs – this style suits everyone and makes it easier to show off your features during summer! For something more masculine and bolder, go for a high fade undercut with a textured pompadour or artsy rough chop – an excellent look that keeps the grooming game in check while looking great enough for date nights out!

Hair Accessories

hair accessories are an easy way to update an ordinary style without going for drastic measures such as getting new haircuts or dyeing their locks. A few pins and clips can transform an average haircut into something genuinely stylish!

Bows are an adorable hair accessory that adds girlishness to any look and is one of the spring hair trends that easily match various clothing designs. Emilia Wickstead used black ribbons to tie her low and high ponytails during her runway show, complementing her dress and appearing stylish.

Add a stylish finishing touch to your hair by accessorizing with a molded hair barrette, a clip with an eye-catching unique shape that can be formed into geometric designs. Made of natural materials that are safe for the scalp, they make for a great way of adding flair. Hair sticks and pins can also help add extra flair and flair.