Purple Brown Hair is a Unique Twist on the Color Trend

Purple-brown hair adds an unexpected element to any style. Offering various shades, purple and brown can match virtually every complexion and personality.

An ombre style can be a simple yet impactful way to experiment with color without making a significant commitment.

Be sure to incorporate bond-strengthening products like BlondorPlex into this look to guarantee it pops!

Deep Purple Highlights on Brown Hair

Dark purple highlights make an eye-catching statement on brown hair, especially when their hues are vibrant and robust.

Achieving this dramatic look requires significant bleaching (around nine on the hair color chart) and regular nourishment treatments to maintain the top condition of your locks.

Opt for lavender highlights that almost match your natural hue for a more discreet tinted effect.

These cool-toned highlights pair beautifully with brunette hair and can be applied using the balayage or ombre technique.

Opt for an eye-catching highlight like bright violet that pops against deep brown locks for an edgier look.

It will catch everyone’s attention, especially on straight bobs or curly mermaid cuts with straighter or curlier textures.

If you love the idea of purple highlights but want to avoid committing to complete head dyeing, dip dye is an excellent alternative.

This trendy shade sits at the ends of your hair and requires only occasional adjustments as your desired look fades.

Purple Highlights on Long Brown Hair

An Instagram-worthy side-swept bob with an accent of purple at its ends will look amazing, offering an excellent way to experiment with this trend without fully coloring your locks if you have blonde locks.

For something bolder, try opting for a dip dye – which tends to show up more on the ends than its blended counterparts.

Light brown hair can look breathtaking with magenta highlights that fade to fiery fuchsia tips, creating an eye-catching hue in photographs and prompting plenty of compliments for its uniqueness.

Be prepared for compliments to come pouring in!

Use lighter shades of purple for subtle yet striking highlights.

Like the magenta shades above, these pinky-purple strands will peek through the top layers of blonde hair for a beautiful effect.

If maintenance concerns arise, ask your stylist to conceal these streaks underneath your blonde base color for optimal maintenance results.

Purple Highlights on Short Brown Hair

Dark purple hair can make an eye-catching statement that will draw the eye and showcase your ends or add an unexpected pop of color to a side-swept bob.

This look uses lavender and magenta hues that work beautifully on all complexions for an eye-catching and feminine style.

Purple highlights can add depth and dimension to short brown hairstyles, especially if you prefer wispy framing strands around your face.

Go as subtle or vibrant with this popular shade – either way, it will result in a stunning style that will earn plenty of Likes on Instagram!

To achieve a deep purple hue on brown hair, bleaching first is required.

Your shade choice will determine how noticeable the highlights will be; warmer hues like magenta and lilac require less aggressive lifting, while more fabulous violet shades require additional lifting efforts for their full effect.

Wash with warm water and avoid heat styling as much as possible to keep the hue vibrantly alive for as long as possible.

Purple Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Purple highlights add depth and dimension to brown locks.

For an eye-catching style that requires little maintenance (assuming that you stay out of the sun!), add them to side-swept bangs or quiffs for an eye-catching Insta-worthy style!

Purple ombre is another effective way to transform a brunette base.

Stylists can craft an exquisite transition from subdued shades of purple towards more striking hues for an eye-catching visual impact.

If you want to make an impression with your purple hair color, try adding bold pastel tones over blonde locks for an eye-catching effect.

Achieve this look by bleaching and applying color using the balayage technique; choose a demi-permanent dye that doesn’t require aggressive lifting for optimal results. Finally, finish it with a nourishing mask to maintain healthy and vibrant locks!