How to Maintain a Baby Pink Hair Color

Choose between subtly tinted sherbet shades or bolder pink tones with purple undertones for your nail shade. Or try a Mountbatten pink ombre, whereby the top gradually transitions into soft rose lowlights.

Pink Hair Care Tips

Treating your locks carefully after dyeing will ensure healthy locks. If you want a stylish yet subdued way of showing your pink side, consider this Mountbatten pink hair color with subtle yet eye-catching whitish-blonde highlights.

Introducing Pink with Highlights

Highlights are an ideal way to introduce pink into your look without going all out. Try this delightful candyfloss pink shade for an eye-catching feminine finish. Fuchsia or magenta hues also add an eye-catching splash of color and pair perfectly with black hair.

Champagne Pink for a Trendy Look

Pastel pink on blonde hair creates a girly and trendy look. Salmon pink works beautifully on golden or platinum blonde locks, while soft petal pink shades complement pale complexions beautifully.

Dusty Rose Tint for Brunettes

Opt for a more subdued dusty rose tint as an alternative for brunettes looking to experiment with pink. This hue is ideal for brunettes seeking something less eye-catching than magenta or neon pink hues.

Maintaining Grapefruit Pink Hair

Grapefruit pink looks good on all skin tones and contrasts sharply against dark roots and highlights. It looks fantastic on both wavy and curly locks. This shade is ideal for girls with light complexions.

Pink and Purple hair Color

Pink and purple hair will turn heads and show your creative side. To maintain its color, always use color-protecting shampoo and conditioner. Protect it from sun rays as UV rays may accelerate color fading.

Tips for Dyeing hair Pink

If you plan to dye your hair pink, communicate the desired shade to your stylist. Bringing pictures along is also recommended to ensure the desired outcome.