Baby Pink Hair Color Trends

Pink hair has quickly become the trendiest style this year and is playful and expressive. This trend can range from subtle highlights such as balayage to chunkier pink streaks that stand out. Blondes typically achieve baby pink locks within one bleaching session, while darker strands require additional bleaching steps. A champagne pink tint may lighten and highlight this hue more.

Peekaboo Hair

Peekaboo highlights are an easy and fun way to experiment with hair color without fully committing. Your stylist will pin the top layer and apply color underneath so it “peeks out.” This technique works particularly well on blonde locks, adding subtle dimension without showing roots. Pink peekaboo highlights are an elegant and feminine accent to any skin tone, from light pastel shades like blush to bold hues such as flamingo pink. Find one that best expresses your personality and style! Opt for teal or magenta peekaboo highlights on your blonde mane for an eye-catching twist. These vibrant hues will draw attention from crowds. Be sure to use color-safe shampoo and conditioner to extend its duration; such products also protect your locks from drying out and becoming dull over time.

Ombre Hair

The Ombre hair color technique is an innovative trend that seamlessly transitions from one shade of hair color to the next, from natural blonde and brown hues through a broad spectrum of purple, blue, and green tones. This style works beautifully on any hair length but is particularly stunning on longer locks. Reference photos so your stylist knows your desired color scheme to achieve a practical dark or medium ombre effect. To achieve an effective dark or medium ombre effect, Pink and blonde ombre is an eye-catching look that can create the appearance of thicker and fuller locks. This style also makes black hair stand out, providing a stunning contrast against your complexion. Cara Delevigne is considered the queen of ombre; she likes switching up her look by mixing different hues of pink. For an understated approach that grows naturally, pair light pink rosy hues with blonde tones to achieve more subdued tones in this look.


Pink highlights can be an ideal way to enhance the natural colors in your hair while simultaneously adding depth and dimension. They also work beautifully when contrasted against darker hair tones – creating a powerful contrast that lightens their appearance while brightening it further. Pink highlights can be placed anywhere on your head; for an eye-catching appearance, you could focus them in front of the face for maximum impact! If you’re nervous about going full pink with your locks, try opting for a peekaboo shade instead. This technique applies the color to only the base layer of your strands so it will remain invisible when your hair is down – perfect if you want to experiment with pink but are worried about looking childish or Barbie-esque! Cara Delevigne is known for her sherbet-drenched locks that look striking against her pale complexion. If you have blonde locks, try pastel pink balayage as an easy way to add subtle pops of color that will look amazing with any skin tone.


Softer shades of pink look beautiful when worn on blonde hair, creating an understated or bolder effect depending on your desired outcome. You could even add pink streaks for added drama! Pale orchid is an elegant pastel pink shade that beautifully complements all blonde hair colors and most complexions. Natural blondes may want to experiment using this hue with dark roots and light ends for an ombre-like effect. Cool beige is another popular shade of pink for blondes, offering a warm yet gentle pink that complements most blonde hair colors. It is an excellent way to experiment with blonde without being too light or pink! Professional advice should be sought when coloring with this shade, as it requires bleaching that could result in brassiness if done improperly. However, if starting from lighter hair colors, self-application of semi-permanent hair dye such as this can also work effectively.