Barber Cuts For Professional Appearances

Men who wish to maintain a professional appearance can achieve various styles with the help of an expert barber. Before offering advice, a qualified stylist should consider factors such as hair texture and lifestyle needs.


Fades are hairstyles that start high, medium, or low on the scalp and incorporate comb-over or pompadour styles for an elegant finish.


A taper haircut features a gradual reduction in length from the top of the head down toward the hairline, creating an eye-catching, professional style look. This style can be worn slicked back or with an elaborate pompadour or quiff for added style. It demonstrates that the person takes great pride in looking good and is prepared for work. A barber with plenty of experience should be visited for this style, and appropriate hair products should be used to maintain healthy locks.

Skin Fade

Skin fade haircuts are ideal for men looking to project an air of distinction and professionalism. This stylish yet simple cut severs the beard from the hair, bringing more attention to facial features such as mustaches or beards. Different options of low, medium, or high skin fade can be chosen depending on personal taste and preference. An effective skin fade haircut requires expert blending, so it is hard to tell where the hair begins and ends. It looks stunning with a designed neckline and can also add visual interest when added to sponge curls or spikes for an eye-catching, modern look.

Side Swept

Side-swept hairstyles create a more casual appearance and avoid formal undercuts. They add movement to curls, allowing them to stand out more, especially in dark hair colors. This classic look makes a statement at any event or presentation at work, such as a black tie event. To achieve this classy style, gel should be applied to tangle-free strands and combed to one side. A soft side fringe will frame and soften any face shape. The technique can be wavy or straight for maximum impact or without accessories for an effortlessly sophisticated look!


A pompadour haircut can be worn slicked back for professional appearances and messy for casual looks. It is ideal for curly or wavy locks that need shaping with styling products. This hairstyle features short sides and back with much longer locks on top. It is more dramatic and formal, ideal for men with long and full waves. Adding a skin fade can give this style more structure and neatness.


Dreadlocks have become a widely beloved hairstyle around the world. They are most commonly associated with the Rastafari movement and reggae music but have become equally fashionable among those who choose natural hair growth. Properly maintaining dreadlocks can extend their lifespan to one or more years without needing maintenance and re-twisting. When washing dreadlocks, it is essential to ensure they are entirely wet before adding shampoo and gently massaging it over the scalp and strands.


Updos are hairstyles that pull the locks into a specific, sculptural style and secure them using clips or barrettes. They are typically worn for formal events such as weddings, proms, or fancy gatherings. Barbers who specialize in updos must know various techniques for creating them. Dry texture spray and matte bobby pins can create updos with short strands, as shown in the example above.


The quiff is a contemporary update to the classic pompadour, ideal for men with thicker locks. When consulting a barber for this quiff look, ask them to leave four to five inches of growth on top and shorter hair at the back and sides, with a possible fade. To style, spray the strands with grooming or strong-hold hairspray and work in some wax with fingers for added shine and hold. High-shine products may exude Ivy League vibes, while matte options give an approachable, modern vibe.