5 Princess Hairstyles That Will Make You Feel Like a Princess

No matter the occasion or the style you desire, these princess hairstyles will give you that royal feel! With gorgeous glam waves, pretty braids, and boho chic styles, find everything you need for the princess look you desire!

Glam Waves

On top is a lovely style featuring glam waves. This look works particularly well on women with long and blonde locks.


This princess hairstyle is easy and beautiful! With its soft volume and cute fishtail braids that are on-trend this season, this princess style will have everyone turning heads at the party. L for Princess offers this exquisite look, which features an eye-catching ponytail style featuring romantic detail. Perfect for formal events and look great paired with a delicate sparkling tiara!

Classy Updo Bun

A cute bun is an effective way to look classy and elegant if you have long hair. Additionally, add decorative hair accessories such as headbands or pins near the base of your bun for an eye-catching, more exciting appearance. Try this romantic updo to leave an unforgettable impression at your next big event. It makes an excellent choice when worn with formal dress attire.

Loose Bun

For an effortless bohemian style, a loose pulled-back style with an elegant low bun can create the desired boho aesthetic. If you want something even sexier for special events such as princess-inspired balls or Sunday brunch gatherings, add fishtail braid details. Light hairspray will help hold this style and prevent flyaways.

Fishtail Braids

To replicate Anna Princess’s hairstyle, have your daughter part her hair in the middle and braid each side from behind their ear down towards their shoulder using clear elastic. The use of clear elastic will secure the ends of each braid. This intricate fishtail braid will leave an impression, making a statement with every turn. Perfect for women who want to add flair and spice up their everyday look. Add accessories for formal events for an added touch!

Twisted Low Bun

For fans of fairytales, this updo hairstyle will undoubtedly bring out your inner princess! Whether your hair is long or short, this elegant style will awe friends and family alike. This sleek princess hairstyle is ideal for formal events. Its simple design is yet exquisite; all it needs to complete its look is an accessory! This style is simple to create for long, medium, or even short hair – comb it down and twist it into a low bun, adding pretty flowers for an instant princess-inspired look!

Messy Bun

Messy buns are an effortless and chic look that is perfect for busy days when there isn’t time to wash your hair. To add flair, gently tease your ponytail towards its elastic holder while feeding strands through its loop to create an unruly, fanned-out look. Take the messy bun one step further by adding side braids. This princess-inspired style is charming and feminine; combined with a cute skinny tortoiseshell headband, it appears completely pre-planned!

Long Waves

Whether you want a Queen Elsa-inspired look or Princess Jasmine’s signature ponytail – L for Princess has something suitable. They show how to create an easy yet stunning princess braid style for any hair length! She styled her pinned-back slick hair with pretty fishtail braids, then twisted them all into an elegant low bun for an effortlessly classic princess look that could easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. You could make this princess-style casual or add an eye-catching pearl headpiece for drama!