Caramel Highlights For Dark Hair

Caramel highlights can create an exotic, warm, and luxurious aesthetic in dark hair, drawing out its beauty while accentuating skin tones and eye colors. If you prefer something less striking, request that your stylist paint your hair using brown balayage with ribbon highlights for an earth-tone look. They’ll use their brush to give it that sun-kissed effect!

Long Curls

Add caramel highlights to long curls for an effortless way to transform your look. No matter whether your hair is left down for an informal style or up in a ponytail, the soft shades of caramel will complement every angle and manner in which you style your locks. This beautiful hair color uses subtle balayage techniques to achieve its striking contrast between dark and light, featuring brown highlights paired with dark brunette lowlights to produce an exquisite dimensional effect.

Green Eyes

If you have green eyes, pair them with warm and golden tones in your hair color to highlight the gold dots on your iris. This will bring attention to them and highlight them. One effective way of adding caramel highlights to dark hair is by adding them as an ombre or balayage style. Caramel adds depth and dimension that will stand out against black locks, giving them more dimension than ever. Your options for choosing your perfect shade range from chocolate brown with caramel highlights or golden blonde to rich chocolate brown and caramel highlights. When selecting your ideal hue, always seek help from an expert; they’ll know which one best complements your complexion and green eyes.

Messy Haircut

Caramel highlights are perfect for dark hair because they create a rich, warm finish that complements many skin tones. Plus, this stunning hue looks wonderful on curly locks – show it off by adding soft waves or creating an undone finish like Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian, or Sofia Vergara do to showcase your new look! Make your caramel hair pop by opting for a blending technique. In this medium wavy bob, the stylist used his skillful hands to smudge lighter tones into natural brown strands for an attractive ombre effect. Straight styles like this edgy jaw-length bob are another effective way to rock the caramel hair trend. To achieve optimal results, ask your stylist to use thin strips one or two shades lighter than your natural color to prevent an unnatural or too abrupt look from developing.

Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Pixie cuts with long bangs are an ideal way to keep hair out of your face and still allow plenty of styling options. For an exciting twist, add caramel highlights into the mix for an eye-catching ombre effect that complements green, hazel, and brown eyes alike. Try opting for one with asymmetrical layers for a modern take on pixie cuts. This adds extra volume and dimension to your short strands while accentuating your jawline and drawing attention to your beautiful features. Choppy pixie cuts are an excellent choice for women looking for an eye-catching style to complement their faces and frame their features. No matter the texture of your locks, this style provides an effortless textured finish that is perfect for everyday wear or office meetings.

Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan began her acting career as a professional dancer, appearing in music videos for Missy Elliott, Janet Jackson, and N’Sync. Later, she gained roles on numerous TV series, such as NBC’s short-lived The Playboy Club and FX’s American Horror Story: Asylum. She appears as Nora in the Step-Up franchise and is married to actor Channing Tatum. Her jaw-length bob is fresh and radiant with natural caramel highlights, creating a natural balayage effect. Brown and caramel highlights add depth and dimension to black hair, giving it the appearance of thickness and fullness with an irresistibly seductive shimmer. Their warm tones complement olive skin tones beautifully; foiling techniques or artistic balayage will ensure your dark locks feature soft highlights without harsh lines.