How to Braid Your Hair

If you are new to braiding, take your time and practice. Watch videos online about various braided styles or ask friends with braided locks for help teaching you.

The History of Braids

People around the globe have braided their hair for centuries. Tribal cultures often practice intricate braiding traditions that carry symbolic and cultural meaning. African culture used braids as an effective form of socialization and communication. Tribes would braid their hair in specific patterns to communicate their background, geographic origin, social status, or marital status.

The Styles You Can Braid

There are various styles of braiding your hair, each creating its look. Specific techniques are more elegant than others. For instance, five-strand braids can create an elegant effect. Braid your hair using multiple colors for an eye-catching effect.

Getting Started With Braids

Before beginning to braid your hair, it is best if it has been detangled and dried thoroughly. Determine where you would like your braids to fall. Launch into braiding by beginning with a three-strand braid.

Maintaining Braids

No matter where your braids are done, maintaining them is vital for prolonging their wearability and avoiding damage like breakage, knotting, and matting. One fundamental rule when braiding braids is styling them when they have completely dried out. Ensure your braids are properly washed regularly to reduce product buildup and ensure an itchy scalp. Sleep with a silk bonnet or satin pillowcase at night to protect your strands from friction and frizz while encouraging healthy hair growth.