How to Make the Perfect Ponytail Haircut Position

Pull your hair back into a high ponytail for an effortless yet flattering look. Add baby bangs for added volume and dimension to elongate this style further and achieve more layers. This haircut technique, will only sometimes with curly or wavy locks, and won’t always look perfect. Instead, it aims to produce an undone yet textured style rather than something shiny and precise.


Determine where you would like to make your cut using a mirror and another hair tie as a marker, place it near the base of the ponytail, and slide it down a few inches until you find an area where it needs cutting. Remember to start small; more can always be cut later if necessary.

To prevent a harsh, blunt finish, try making small upward snips with scissors or shears at the end of your ponytail to soften any sharp cuts that might otherwise occur. This technique is known as point cutting. Try loosening the top of your ponytail slightly to create a “fringe” effect that frames your face more thoroughly. This technique correctly gives it an attractive textured look without losing its form; it is perfect for those who like the low Rapunzel ponytail but want extra layers that frame their face. Just remember all strands must be evenly distributed and trimmed!


The ponytail method can be an ideal solution for thick, wavy, or curly locks that don’t fall too finely; however, this style can be less forgiving of finer locks. Start by flipping your mane upside-down and gathering it into a high ponytail at the center of your forehead (channel your inner unicorn!). Make sure the ponytail sits where your usual parting occurs – placing it elsewhere could shorten and frizz out bangs even further! Hold your gathered ponytail tightly with one hand while using your other to grab a pair of scissors and shear hair above or below it to your desired length using scissors. When finished, remove ponytail holders and shake your head to let the hair fall naturally before brushing through for any remaining tangles or debris before air drying or blow drying your mane for best results.

Final Touches

If your hair has a naturally loose, waved texture, laying or using an edge control product may be beneficial to keep the edges down and away from your face. Spray some water onto the product for better adhesion. To fine-tune your shape, center-part your hair and pin up a half-ponytail at the bottom section. Use regular or thinning shears to make straight cuts through the unicorn ponytail section, followed by point cuts into your lower half-ponytail area – this technique will soften what might otherwise be an abrupt and blunt look of your strands. Hairspray will add hold and prevent flyaways. Enjoy your new polished ponytail look! Your position of a ponytail has an enormous effect on its final appearance; curly ponytails work best at the crown of the head, while straight or thick ponytails work better in lower or medium positions.