How to Style Long Black Hair

Black hair can be beautiful, yet growing it long can be challenging. Many black women turn to wigs, weaves, and extensions to realize their “long hair” dreams.

Waist-Length Curly Hair

If you have naturally curly locks, a high ponytail extending down to your waist can make for an eye-catching style. This length works exceptionally well with wavy or curly hair types and can even be accessorized with ribbons, beads, or bedazzled barrettes for an eye-catching finish.

Beachy waves are a stunning way to display long, curly locks. This effortless style creates a carefree aesthetic and goes well with any ensemble. To maintain neat-looking waves, using volumizing mousse and investing in root lift spray is recommended.

Curly hair takes longer to reach waist-length than straight. Luckily, extensions offer the solution: use them now to get waist length without waiting.

Very Long Hair

A classic chignon with some hairpins is an eye-catching style for long black hair, especially with an elegant headpiece like a flower crown or another headpiece.

If your strands are long enough, try creating a voluminous half-up look with face-framing layers for a special event like a wedding. This style also makes an impressive first impression!

Cornrows are another protective hairstyle ideal for black women with long locks, offering sleek or chunky straight-back styles that give an added punch of attitude.

If you want to add dimension and depth to your natural color, try peek-a-boo highlights or foils. Consult with your stylist on which shade best complements your skin tone before asking about color-safe shampoo for long strands.

Layered Hair

Layers are an effective way to add volume to any length of hair while helping thin out thicker locks and appearing great with curly and wavy styles.

Carrie Underwood’s fine locks have been transformed into an eye-catching masterpiece by shaggy layers that start at various angles around her face, creating an eye-catching hairstyle perfect for making a fashion statement.

Kristen Stewart has become famous for her signature funky layered style, highlighting her natural thick locks. When combined with vibrant color tones, the results are sophisticated yet fashionable – the ideal haircut to take any woman’s looks to new levels of sophistication and fashion. This type of cut works for everyone regardless of age or gender – an essential must-have in every woman’s arsenal of tools for self-improvement!

Long Feathered Layers

Feathered layers for medium hair provide an easy way to elevate the style without going all out with extreme waves. This look frames the face while adding volume while being easy to maintain with regular trims and hairspray spray.

Try a feather cut with long curtain bangs for a delicate, airy aesthetic that flatters all face shapes and requires minimal effort. It makes an easy change without too much of an overhaul!

Gabrielle Union brings back an early 2000s look with this feathered pixie cut, with drastically flicked ends that draw attention to her wide cheeks and broad forehead. This style works great on those with chin-length face shapes; wear it up or down to fit your style preference!

Partial Highlights

Partial highlights are ideal for people looking to add depth without turning their locks blonde and can be achieved using various techniques, such as balayage or foiling.

Silver or ash highlights look beautiful on warm brown hair and can instantly make an impactful statement. Have your colorist apply these highlights gradually for the face-framing dimension.

Partial highlights use less bleach to lighten your strands, making them less damaging and more cost-effective than full highlights. They’re ideal for those wanting something quick-acting, such as six weeks between touch-ups. With partial highlights, you can achieve subtle or highly contrasted looks!