Hair Styles for Wedding Party Guests

Bridesmaids with wavy or straight hair can opt for a sleek side ponytail or braided halo for a sophisticated look. These styles frame the face and neck beautifully for photo opportunities.

Try replicating singer Dua Lipa’s teased high pompadour using bobby pins for those with shorter hair. This timeless look complements any wedding dress perfectly.

Bridesmaids with long hair often choose braided updos as romantic and protective styles. Options include milkmaid braids, fishtail plaits, double Dutch braids, or superficial top knots. These braided styles work well for casual beach weddings and formal winter events. Mixing sizes and textures can create an eye-catching style, such as combining side-braided strands with a low pony updo and adding crystal hair pins for an elegant finishing touch. Ask your stylist to pin braids into a low chignon with loose, wavy strands framing your face for a softer and sleeker version. Adding hair oil or smoothing pomade helps maintain a glossy finish throughout the day.

A side part with volume creates an impressive yet relaxed style. Accent it with an accessory like Kim Kardashian’s large gold hair clip or Lana Condor’s side-swept ponytail with shimmering bobby pins for an elegant look. Try creating a high pompadour for ceremonies or formal events with unwashed locks for a long-lasting hold. Alternatively, consider teased and textured locks for a high-teared bun style like Dua Lipa.

Romantic curls are a timeless wedding day look, wildly when styled with a side-swept chignon. To achieve this elegant hairstyle, gather your locks into a low chignon and pin outward curls with bobby pins. Adding flowers or delicate hair jewels around the chignon base enhances the romantic flair.

For a flower-embellished hairstyle, consider wearing a flower crown or halo. Choose colors and flowers that match your wedding day theme. Greenery and eucalyptus blooms work well for rustic beach ceremonies, while vibrant-colored jasmine flowers are more suitable for formal affairs. Adding flowers to loose braids or ponytails adds an elegant finishing touch. Metallic or golden headbands can also add extra elegance.

Finger waves offer a timeless and elegant hairstyle that suits almost all shades and textures of hair. To achieve this look, start with a side part and work on one-inch sections. Use a comb to shape waves and pinch curls for a natural-looking result. High chignons with swirled finger waves are classic bridal choices, adding a touch of luxury to long locks.

Adding a headband is an effortless way to create a beautiful and stylish look on your wedding day. Start with a sleek side ponytail, then twist two sections of hair together at the back and secure them with pins. Add a matching hairpin for the ensemble and an additional hairpin for the finishing touches.

Pearls are an opulent and classic bridal accessory. Adding them to low buns or sleek chignons instantly creates a lavish and timeless feeling. Further accessorize with elegant hair clips for an opulent, timeless look.