Black Hair Styles – Heart Braids

Braids and plaits can often be confused, though braids tend to be tighter woven than plaits. A fishtail plait consists of two sections of hair pulled over one another alternatingly.

Fulani Braid

Fulani braids are an elegant option for anyone looking fashionable and sophisticated. While cornrows or box braids may require more maintenance, Fulani braids are much simpler to care for and will remain neat for weeks with proper hair maintenance.

Fulani braids provide plenty of opportunities to experiment with various patterns and designs, from heart, zig-zag, and crossover patterns to embellishments at the ends of your braids.

Bo Derek and Alicia Keys both frequently wear this braiding style, passed down from the Fulani people, an ethnic community found throughout West Africa and the Sahel zone of North and Central Africa that practices a nomadic pastoralism lifestyle. Black women have worn it for generations to express their African roots; additionally, it looks beautiful regardless of hair color!


Cornrows are an iconic black hairstyle. Tight and close to the scalp, they can be quickly braided into different patterns and textures and even embellished with beads or stones for an upscale formal appearance. Cornrows can also be done both with natural and synthetic hair types.

Feed-in cornrows are an increasingly popular variation of traditional cornrows. hair stylists slowly add extensions into your braid as you braid, which reduces tension on the scalp and results in an attractive look.

Cornrows aren’t just for children–they’re an enduring cultural style that anyone of any age can wear. For a sophisticated take, braid your cornrows into a high ponytail or bun for an elegant style that showcases this trend’s relaxed and refined elements. Or add color by weaving yarn strands through them; this look adds character while showing off your individuality!

Faux Locs

Faux locs offer an easy, no-commitment solution for those who wish to explore locs. Their maintenance requires daily maintaining hair hydrated by applying light moisturizer to the scalp and roots.

Loc extensions come in various sizes, with thick crochet extensions being the optimal choice for matching natural hair color and thickness. When choosing your stylist to install these loc extensions, ensure they know how to do so correctly for the best results.

Make sure that when washing your hair with soft or faux locs, a gentle cleanser such as coconut-derived products should be used rather than regular shampoo and covered at night to keep from over-soaking the lock. This will keep them soft and supple as well as prevent them from shedding or tangling easily; just like braided styles should also be regularly washed and moisturized to maintain the healthiness of natural hair underneath that could unbraid once faux or soft locs have been taken out.

French Braids

If you have long hair, a French braid is an elegant style. Perfect for formal events, yet can also be worn casually with the addition of a headband.

To create a French braid, divide your hair into three equal sections and divide each in half diagonally. Cross one of the outer left sections over to cross over with the middle section before repeating this process two or three times until all your braid has grown substantially larger with each new piece that enters.

Finish off your braid by tucking and securing it with an elastic. If you plan on leaving them in place overnight, wrap the French braids in a silk scarf or bonnet to protect them from potential damage.