5 Feminine Pixie Haircuts for 2020

Feminine Pixie Haircut with Long Side-Swept Bangs

Slick down a sleek, boyish, tapered pixie with long side-swept bangs and sun-kissed color for an irresistibly girlish look that won’t date quickly.

Or add a bit of mousse for a casual and trendy finish.

Asymmetric Pixie with Baby Bangs

Create an adorably feminine pixie style with long, wispy side bangs that frame the face and form an adorable pixie cut!

This timeless classic cut suits many facial structures while being easy to style using quick blow-dry and side-part techniques.

Tapered Pixie with Long Bangs

Longer pixie cuts can help balance out cone-shaped face structures.

Add texture bangs for an eye-catching effect by pairing it with a pixie cut. This style requires minimal maintenance and styling effort – just a bit of texturizing spray, and you are set!

Asymmetric Pixie with Soft Lines

Asymmetric pixie haircuts featuring long side bangs create a chic, feminine look. In contrast, deep side partings draw attention to its unique shape, making this an androgynous style that can be softened down with hairspray or volumizing mousse.

Close-cropped nape and sides blended with long layers on top create an eye-catching style, ideal for any girl with short hair.

Spiky Pixie with Dark Roots

Many women feel short hair can diminish their femininity; however, a pixie with long, choppy layers and a deep side part is easy to style and eye-catching. Just a quick blow-dry will complete this stunning and chic look!

Muted pastel hues of purple and lavender add subtle drama to this choppy pixie, accentuating its soft nape line and angled front section.

Asymmetric Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

Silvery platinum and violet tones add dimension to this asymmetrical pixie’s striking short-to-long style.

Soft layers in the nape and crown flow into face-framing long front sections, which can be styled either pompadour-style or with side swept bangs for side sweep bangs.

Asymmetric Pixie with Soft Layers

A pixie haircut with long, wavy layers can make an unforgettable statement in any wardrobe.

Ask your stylist for slight texturizing on top layers to increase volume and give the coif an exquisite feminine feel before sweeping strands to one side and applying wet-look gel for an ultra-smooth, sleek style.

Sandy wheat blonde tones add depth and dimension to this girly asymmetrical pixie with a short nape and crown, long wispy side fringe that can be styled back or up into full bang, and some salt spray to achieve an emo look.