Color Trends for Women in 60 Color Types

No matter your hair’s current state – from graying tips to all silver locks – having the appropriate shade will help you look your best.

Light blonde shades like light blond are excellent for concealing roots and making thin locks appear fuller.

Caramel brown is an outstanding hue for women over 60.

It frames your face beautifully and emphasizes warmth and softness in your skin tone.

Dark Chocolate Brown

Dark chocolate brown is an iconic shade that works beautifully across different skin tones and complexions.

Blend a more natural look by mixing chocolate brown with lighter caramel highlights for an eye-catching balayage style. This works on short bobs as well as waist-grazing locks. Style your locks into face-framing or tousled waves for an exquisitely seductive finish.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is a vibrant white hue with silvery metallic tones that add vibrancy and shine to any hairstyle.

Consider hair porosity and skin tone before applying bleach treatments.

Make a short bob look contemporary with a combination of brown and platinum highlights using BlondorPlex 6% as a lift lightener and Color Touch 8/81 as a toner to prevent brassiness.

Caramel Brown

If you want to add shine and texture to your dark locks, caramel color is needed.

Focusing more on blonde tones, it produces an inviting golden style that complements most complexions.

Add subtle caramel balayage highlights to your wavy mane for natural, sun-kissed, beautiful, sophisticated highlights. This style works particularly well on darker locks as it creates a seamless transition between the roots and tips of each strand.

Chestnut Brown

Chestnut brown hair color offers depth and natural charm.

It works with most complexions and compliments copper or golden highlights beautifully.

Consider opting for warm, rich chestnut brown with subtle reddish undertones for an elegant look.

Beige Blonde

Beige blonde can be worn either cool or warm and easily fits any skin color.

It creates an effortless beauty and is reminiscent of beachy shades.

Maintain the vibrant and fresh look of beige blonde by using Radico’s In-Shower Toner or similar color-safe conditioner regularly.


Silver hair can look stylish, modern, and on-trend, regardless of age.

A soft silver with warm blonde highlights complements skin tones beautifully and brightens complexions.

Silver bobs with dark roots can be an ideal option as the silver color blends perfectly with your natural grey hue and helps conceal any re-growth.

To achieve a genuinely silver look, ask your hairstylist for a platinum hue with white lowlights, creating an exciting yet sophisticated appearance.