African hair Braiding Styles Pictures

Various African hair braiding styles have evolved over the years. Braids have become a popular protective style for black women. You can wear your natural hair with braids, weaves, or extensions. Curvy plaits look great with partings that curve to the side. You can also wear baby hair in perfectly curled cornrows. To achieve the best look, you should first tame your baby hair.

Twist braids


If you’re looking for a simple, everyday style, there are plenty of African hair braiding styles pictures you can look at. These hairstyles can give you neat cornrows that hold your hair in a more flexible, less stressful way. To achieve this look, you will start by parting your hair down the middle, dividing it into thirteen sections on each side, and making 26 braids total. You can add accessories, such as hair clips and beads, to complete the look.


Braided knots can add accents to your overall hairstyle and provide some natural curls. You can loosen the braids if they become too tight and uncomfortable. This style is perfect for highlighting your face and features. A braided knot can be loosed if it causes you too much pain or it is simply not your cup of tea. To get an idea of the many African hair braiding styles pictures, visit Sadora Paris’ YouTube channel.

Box braids


In addition to creating a sleek cornrow, African hair braiding styles create a protective and versatile hold for your hair. To begin, part your hair down the middle and separate it into thirteen sections, 13 on either side. Once the cornrows are complete, you will have 26 braids in all. To complete your look, you can use eyeliner to complement your style. You can also try a new hairstyle each week or use synthetic hair to add volume and support your real locks.


One of the easiest and most versatile African hair braiding styles is a high ponytail. This style is great for all occasions, drawing the eye up and balancing out your face. Easily secured with a snag-free elastic, you can add beads, braids, or even a flower. And the best part is, it can be worn with any outfit! And don’t forget to accessorize with a hair accessory.

Goddess braids


A popular braiding style for black women is the African goddess. This hairstyle is easy to do and looks stunning on a wide variety of face shapes. You can use different braid sizes to accentuate different features of your face. Below are some examples of goddess braid styles. This style looks best on women with smooth curls. This hairstyle is perfect for summer and looks great with a cute dress or gown. It’s also appropriate for high-end events.


Traditionally, goddess braids are large cornrows arranged around the scalp. They are very protective and ethereal and are incredibly versatile. Intricate African braids are an expression of black culture and can be easily changed every day. They can be pinned back to accentuate a woman’s bone structure and framing the face. Whether you’re looking for a hairstyle to highlight your best features or just want a fresh look, goddess braids are the perfect choice.

Crochet braids


If you want a style that looks fierce and is easy to manage, crochet braiding for african hair is a great choice. Crochet braiding uses your own natural hair to create cornrows, and your choice of hair extensions is looped through these cornrows with a crochet needle. The process sounds simple, but the results are anything but basic. Because of their versatility, crochet braids are very popular and are simple to do, but the process can be time-consuming.


A large afro style can be very flattering on any face shape. It also offers protection for your own hair. This style is also very versatile, allowing you to experiment with length, color, and style. Crochet braids can be made with human or synthetic hair. Crochet braiding styles are suitable for medium-to-long hair, so you can experiment with different combinations. Whether you have a round or oval face, crochet braiding styles are a great option for adding volume to your hair.

Ghana braids


If you want to give your hair a Ghana twist, look at some of the photos of the most popular Ghana braiding styles. Thin braids have more styling options, so you can go for a cute double bun. You can also create a chic center point braid to look like a beautiful star. Lastly, you can experiment with a more complex braiding style. See if you can pull off a hairstyle you’ve never seen before.


A wet look is popular for dark-skinned women with raven black hair. Braids can be separated in many ways, including crisscrossing. This method makes a nice pattern on top of your head that compliments silver extensions. The way you arrange the braids will determine the look you achieve. Depending on the length and type of hair you have, you can opt for an ocean wave, a classic, or an unpredictable braided look.

Mohawk with braids


If you love the style of a Mohawk with braids, you can replicate it with hair extensions. Hair extensions can be bought from the nearest beauty supply store and can be applied to your hair easily. Whether you’re going for a casual or a formal look, a braided style can be a fun, trendy addition to your hair. You can try different combinations of braided hairstyles to see which one best suits your face shape and hair color.


One way to make a Mohawk with braids more casual is to braid a small section of hair and put them in a ponytail. A French braid on top of long hair creates a sexy look, and braids can also be used to create a faux hawk. The braided hairstyle is a great option for short hair. You can make mini braids on the sides, or simply pin them on the top of your ponytail. You can also add colorful accents to your braids by adding braids to your hair.