Braiding Styles Pictures


African hair braiding styles are a beautiful way to embrace your heritage while protecting your natural hair. They can be styled easily and are suitable for any length of hair.

Box Braids

Box braids are a popular African hairstyle worn short or long. They are a great protective style for your hair.

Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists offer another braided hairstyle option that can be worn at different lengths. They are a versatile and elegant choice.

Twisted Ponytail

Twisted Ghana braids are a thicker and fuller alternative to cornrow braids. They can be styled into a high or low ponytail for a fierce and feminine look.

Braid Twists

Braid twists are a trendy protective hairstyle that allows you to extend your natural hair. They can be created using textured wigs or dreadlocks featuring cute Bantu knot details.

Box Braid Center Parting

Box braids are a timeless, low-maintenance hairstyle that dates back thousands of years. They offer creative freedom and are perfect for a classic center parting and high ponytail look.

Bantu Knot Upgrade

Elevate your Bantu knots by incorporating thick and thin braid sections. This intricate technique adds femininity and grace to your overall appearance.

Two-Step Braids

African braids are a fantastic way to protect your natural hair while looking stylish. Two-step braids combine different braid sizes to create an eye-catching design.

High Bun

Achieve a glamorous and trendy look with a long black braided hairstyle featuring a center parting. Adding accessories like scarves can enhance the style.

High Ponytail

The high ponytail is a beautiful African braid style that can be accessorized with barrettes for added elegance. It serves as an effective protective style against harsh environmental elements.

Feathers Braid

Feather braids add an elegant finishing touch to any casual or formal hairstyle. You can choose to use a single color feather or mix and match for a unique look.

Basket Braid

Nubian braids sit closer to the scalp, offering more volume and versatility. You can experiment with different coil sizes and textures for a distinct look. Adding color can also make a statement.