5 Fun and Fresh Ways to Wear Pigtails Hair

1. High Ponytails

Elevate your look with a high ponytail. Opt for sleek and straight styles or loose waves. Add elegance with detangling brush strokes and shine spray. Create soft Hollywood curls with a large barrel curling wand for added drama.

2. Twisty Twists

Twisty pigtails are not just for kids. This style is perfect for curly or wavy hair. Start by sectioning your hair and divide each section into two equal sub-sections. Avoid over-tightening to prevent frizz.

3. Twisty Bun

Achieve any style – mod or messy bun – with this twisty hairstyle. Brush out tangles and apply hairspray for a lasting hold. Twist each section of hair and pin it in place. Suitable for special events and everyday wear.

4. Puff Love

Combine French braids and pigtails for an elegant and chic look. Start with a regular ponytail and transition to zig-zag sections ending in a messy twist. Add vibrant elastics for an eye-catching element. Pair with loose waves and face-framing bangs for a casual yet stylish look.

5. Sky-High Pigtails

Recreate the playful pigtails as an adult. Part your hair down the center and braid it into low pigtails. Use mini satin bows to conceal the hair ties. Add a volumizing dry shampoo to keep your strands looking their best. Accessorize with flowers or hair clips for an elegant touch.