Sexy Adam Levine Haircut

Levine’s Classic Look

Levine prefers a classic look for his hair. The sides of his hair are sleeked down, creating smooth downward trails that complement his more extended top layer. The longer top layer features racing vertical waves. This hairstyle can be enhanced by pairing it with a beard for a rugged aesthetic. Despite its appeal, this low-maintenance haircut requires only essential grooming.

Long on Top

Although Levine typically wears his hair in short styles, he can also pull off longer looks when necessary. One example is his sexy long hairstyle, which looks fantastic with his wild beard. This look features faded sides and is styled into an elegant quiff at the top. It creates a casual yet stylish statement that stands out.

Short on Top

Levine demonstrates that simple haircuts can still be stylishly combined with an impressive beard. In his blond locks, he opts for a darker tint for an appealing modern comb-over style. The long hair on top is casually spiked and combined with a beard, resulting in an attractive yet rugged appearance. This style is perfect for men who desire a smart-casual look.


Levine often chooses trendy short haircuts. His signature style features simple arrangements that suit all face shapes. One example is an innovative twist on a traditional undercut haircut. The sides are combed back into a smooth bed, overshadowed by a shorter top with layered styling that creates an appealing shape. This intelligent look works well for men with chiseled faces and light stubble facial hair. The low-maintenance nature of this haircut makes it suitable for various occasions, including formal events. It can also be an excellent option for men with thinner hair.


Levine rocks a shaved fohawk hairstyle, perfect for men who prefer shorter locks. He sported this look on an episode of The Voice, accentuating it with a salt-and-pepper beard for an enticing touch. Levine’s wife, Behati Prinsloo, often cuts his hair, and her skills are showcased in this breathtaking do. His blonde hair, usually a topic of cultural appropriation, is paired with a beard to balance any potential disapproval. This hairstyle allows Levine to unwind during his time away from coaching duties on The Voice.

Messy Tresses

Adam Levine is known for his ever-evolving hairstyles, switching things up from long locks to short cuts effortlessly. He has been seen sporting thick spikes combed into tight upward curls, which create an eye-catching style that complements his wild beard. Recently, he surprised his fans with a new look on Instagram – bleached cornrows covering his head during gym workouts. While the style itself may not be frowned upon, it could spark controversy as a white individual adopting a traditional black hairstyle.