Hairstyles For Women With Short Hair

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High Fade:

The high fade is a popular men’s hairstyle from the 1980s. It features a regular cut with an extended strip of hair on top. This style was sported by famous figures like Moe Howard from The Three Stooges and Henry V of England.

Asymmetrical Haircut:

The asymmetrical haircut is a trendy style that combines elements from the classic bob cut and layers. To achieve this eye-catching look, use lightweight texturizing spray such as Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam or Confixor Liquid Gel. Keri Hilson rocks an asymmetrical bob with texture and volume, showcasing her stunning blonde hue. You can make this cute pixie look even more striking by choosing a vibrant hue like grey or bright blue.

Short Haircut:

Women with short hair have more styling options than they realize. It’s important to find a suitable style based on face shape, hair texture, and personality. To achieve a full and voluminous style, try adding volumetric layers to your short layered haircut. Styling products like paste, pomade, wax, or clay can help define and hold the style. Consider pompadours, quiffs, or slick backs for a polished look, or use clay for a more natural textured look.

Short Hairstyles:

Short hair is incredibly stylish and fashionable, especially among women with finer locks who appreciate the ease of styling and maintenance. Layered short haircuts can add volume and texture, creating a contemporary silhouette. An angled bob with multiple layers is a modern option. Another fun style is the blown-out comb-over bob, which lifts thin locks at the roots and adds body. This cut can soften a strong jawline or hide a double chin if necessary. Front pieces can be styled into classic framing or an eyelid-skimming fringe for a sensual finish.

Long Hairstyles:

Long hairstyles offer many opportunities for experimentation. Asymmetric cuts can flatter facial structure and create a narrower appearance. A side-sweep with romantic waves is a timeless and feminine style reminiscent of 1950s fashion. For men, a Viking long braid is an exciting long hairstyle option that can transform their look, inspired by actors like Charlie Hunnam.