Styling Your Classic 70s Hair

When it comes to “70s hair styles”, the shaggy hairdo is certainly one of the most popular styles being sported by our favorite celebrities today. Wondering why? It is simple to style and easy to hold back from tangling, full of volume and full of textured texture; it is also a great way to flaunt an even longer hair cut.

Get Popular 70s Hairstyles

With the shaggy haircut, there is nothing more effortless than styling. What makes the shaggy hairstyle so popular is the fact that there are no rules in what type of style you can create. With a shaggy haircut, you can easily incorporate an array of different textures and designs in order to achieve a completely new look every time. Shaggy hairstyles have always been considered as one of the simplest and most fun ways to achieve a funky and fun style. With the shaggy haircut, your 70s hair is never too long or too short; it is simply versatile and able to go with almost anything.




Long Shaggy Haircut


There are many ways how to style your shaggy haircut. If you want to try a long shaggy hairstyle, then simply start off with the front and then work your way down the back. It is best to keep the 70s hair straight throughout the entire haircut. One thing you need to remember is that the shaggy haircut does not suit everybody; it is best if you try it on before having it done to ensure that you are not going overboard. As a rule, if you are in doubt on how to take care of your shaggy hair, it would be best to consult a professional stylist so they could give you tips on what to do and what not to do.




Choose Easy Hairstyles


Although shaggy haircuts are often thought to be simple, there are still many ways to achieve them. You can add spikes, lace or beads; all of which are easy to do and are sure to bring out all the best aspects of the shaggy cut. Adding any of these styles will surely improve your hair’s volume and length and add an extra flair to it, which is definitely worth adding.


Professional Hairstyle


Styling a shaggy haircut can actually be as easy as following a few simple steps: first of all, you need to wash your 70s hair and then condition it. Then, you need to blow dry it and then apply a smoothing serum on it. Finally, apply a curl or a braid, which is something you can do by yourself if you want to; or have it done professionally.



Natural Curl Hairdos


There are a few things to keep in mind when styling a shaggy haircut. When styling your shaggy hairstyle, it is very important to avoid damaging the natural structure of your 70s hair by brushing too hard or brushing too softly. This can actually damage your natural curl and you may end up having to do it over again; thus, damaging your 70s hair. Remember to use a high quality 70s hair product and not harsh chemicals because it is not healthy for your 70s hair.



How to Wear “70s Hairs”

As soon as it comes to “70s hair”, the shag hairstyles are arguably one of the most popular looks currently being sported by our favorite celebrities. Wondering what makes it so popular? It has its roots in the fact that the 70s hair was considered a rebellious style during the decade and even inspired a number of the music artists of today. So, what can you do with shag 70s hair that will help you look good in your own home?


Get Favorite 70s Hairstyles


The shag hairstyles of the 1970s were actually inspired by an episode of the TV show “All in the Family”. In the episode, Cousin Oliver’s mother is shown wearing a bun, which Cousin Oliver finds to be a bit strange. To get around it, he decides to cut his own 70s hair, with the exception of his front bangs. The rest of his 70s hair was left unruly and flowing. This hairstyle has been a favorite ever since. With it being relaxed, textured and full of volume, this easy-going 70s hair style is guaranteed to create a great topic of conversation in any social gathering.




Impressive Hairdo


Other 70’s hair styles feature messy locks that are still relatively short. While you may not think this hairstyle looks very impressive, it is very easy to do, requiring very little work to achieve. Shag hairstyles such as these are a lot of fun and can be worn by both genders.

Different Types Of 70s Hair

If you want your 70s hair to have a little bit more body, then you can try adding extensions and layers. These are generally applied to the front and side of your 70s hair so that your locks don’t look so flat and tame. There are a few different types of extensions that you can choose from such as wavy extensions, cornrows and braids, among others. and they are available in various price ranges. So if you’re on a tight budget, it might be best to look into extensions.

The Best Colors Hairstyle

Shag hairstyles are also a great choice for those who want to add some color to their 70s hair. Some of the best colors in the market are naturally colored; however, you should make sure you buy them from a reputable store. and not just walk into a store and pick a random color off the wall. You may end up ruining your 70s hair by using a cheap color or dye. Remember that this is an investment so always use your judgment.

Sleek And Tidy Hairdos

And last but certainly not least, there are some classic and timeless 70s hairstyles for women. Follicles are the face and neck area of the 70s hair, so a hairstyle that doesn’t cut into that part of your face is probably not a good idea. If you have long 70s hair and need to keep it looking sleek and tidy, you can consider a French braid, while if you have shorter 70s hair and prefer a little bit of natural color, then try a ponytail can be both stylish and easy to maintain.

A Look at the Different Types of 70s Hair Styles


In the early 70’s, fashions like pageboy haircuts and more 70s hair were in style. There was also the “do,” which is short 70s hair styled into elaborate ponytails or fringes. If you wish to get old-school styles back, you can try a number of different style options to make a look work for you. Go for old school pageboy hairstyles, big waves, or classic bobs to make a great old fashioned look work for you.

Classic And Simple 70s Hairs

Old hair style can be very classic and simple. It may look as if it was plucked from a magazine, but in reality, it was made to look old. Old hair looks great in almost any 70s hair color, but the best way to achieve it is to dye it black. While a blonde might look old, it will most likely fade with time.

Straight And wavy Hairdo

One of the oldest and most popular styles, bobs, are popular even today. These types of 70s hair styles were actually made popular in the 80s. These are not just long, sleek locks; they are the real thing. Some jobs can even be straight and wavy, giving you a lot of 70s hair to work with.

Choose Best Hairstyles

A hairstyle is only as good as its wearer, so take a close look at someone who has the 70s hair you’re trying to imitate. A bob is easy to wear, but it may be difficult to maintain. A style like this needs to be cut regularly, especially if you’re going to wear it every day. Hairs that is too long is likely to fall out, so it’s important to keep your hairs cut regularly to keep it looking new.

Awesome Hairstyle

If your hairs is thin, going for a style with waves may be a good idea. It looks like it’s been pulled down, but it still has length. These are great for people who are on their feet all day.

Don’t forget that you have to use the proper products when styling your hair. This way, it will last longer and stay in place much more easily.

Creative Hairdo


There are some hairstyles for the younger crowd that you’ll never see again. A punk look might look good with younger people, but it’s very hard to pull off in the older ones. This is because they don’t really have the same volume and body as the older people.

For Amazing Hairdos

However, going for styles that are already past your age may help you look like you’ve got an amazing hairstyle. Many people want a style that looks as if they’ve never lost their hair. This is especially true of women. It is not uncommon to find women who go bald after they hit their thirties.

No matter what type of style you choose to go for, remember that there are many different tress styles out there. and many different ways to wear them. Take some time and look around until you find the right one.

How To Rock A Great 70s Hair Style

When it comes to men’s hairstyles in the 70s, the shag haircut is one of the more popular styles being sported by the likes of your favorite celebrities. Wondering what led to this mane trend’s popularity? The answer isn’t exactly a secret. It’s simple to style, great on all tress types, and bursting with fullness and textured appeal.

Medium And Thick Hair

Shaggy mane is generally worn on short and long hairs but can also be worn on medium and thick hair. As this style was initially designed to give men a more rugged and casual look, shaggy hairs is great for wearing with a pair of chinos or a t-shirt and jeans. The best way to wear this hairstyle, though, is on the top and sides. It’s easy to do and the textured style makes it easy to tuck your shirt into it.

Find Perfect Hairstyles

The shag is also great on medium length hair, since the longer the hair, the thicker and denser the strands. For those with curly hair, a shaggy haircut is the perfect option. Curly hairs doesn’t have as much volume as straight hairs so when a guy has curly hairs he can pull off the look of a more casual shag. With an easy-care style like the shaggy, it can be done quickly and easily.

For Long Hairstyle


The hairs that is curly or wavy tends to take more time to style than straight hairs since there are many different tools you can use to get the look. A few tools you might want to consider using are a comb, flat iron, and/or curling iron. There are many different ways to style wavy hair, especially when it is worn on long hair.

Simple Look Hairdos

Curly hairs is great for both men and women, since there are many ways to curl the hairs and keep it in place. Curling iron can be used on short hairs and curls will not stick out too much, which is perfect for an easy style. If you have long hair, you might consider a French twist which is where the layers of hairs curl together. and the front part is completely flat.

Get Cool Hairdo

With a little imagination and a bit of practice you too can rock a cool yet popular 70s hair style that everyone will love. So start planning your look today and get ready to have a blast on the go.

Favorite 70s Hair

Most women can’t wear their favorite 80s hairstyles or those of celebrities when they are in their forties. The good news is that you can still have the kind of long, flowing hairs that you had in your youth. It’s just that you will need to make some adjustments in order to keep it looking great. So if you want to get those “70s hairstyles” you were always dreaming about, then these tips are for you.