Picture Day Hairstyles For Girls

Braided Crown

For girls with curly or wavy locks, a braided crown is a gorgeous hairstyle for picture day. It adds a touch of elegance to their look. This hairstyle is quick and straightforward, making it suitable even for busy mornings.

Braided Bun

If your little girl has long, straight locks, a braided bun is a neat and stylish option for picture day. Comb her hair back and secure it with a colorful bow to showcase her stunning locks and emphasize her eyes.

Simple Ponytail

Girls with medium-length hair can opt for a simple ponytail for picture day. Gently comb through the strands and use hairspray or gel to control flyaways. Black girls can add extra interest to their ponytails by incorporating braids on the sides and pulling them together into a bun at the top of the head.

Criss-Cross Braids

Instead of a traditional ponytail, consider pulling the hair into criss-cross braids for a more elegant look on picture day. This timeless style gives a royal touch to your girl’s appearance, and using a satin scarf or headband can help protect and maintain the style.

Braided Pigtails

For a feminine and cute hairstyle on picture day, try braided pigtails. Spray some leave-in conditioner on damp hair the night before and braid it into pigtails. Finish the look with a cute bow. This style works best for little girls with long, straight hair.

Double Buns

Opt for double buns on picture day for a whimsical and playful look. Divide the hair into two sections and create low buns using clear hair ties. Wrap any loose strands around the base of the buns and mist them with hairspray for a polished result. Add glitzy hair accessories for extra charm.

Side-Swept Ponytail

A side-swept ponytail effortlessly complements any facial structure. Pulling the hair over one shoulder adds glamour to the look. Consider adding a thin hair ribbon or barrette for embellishment. This versatile style works well on short, medium, or long hair.