best place for kids haircut

For years, the most popular place to take your kids for a kids haircut in NYC has been Cozy’s Cuts for Kids. This New York City favorite features fun chairs and 100+ vendors’ toys. They also have a tween area and have special first-cuts for special occasions. You can also make an appointment and book a party, so that the whole family can get together and celebrate their birthday.

There are many salons in the city that offer kids’ haircuts. In the West Village and Chelsea, the franchise Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids has several locations. Children can enjoy television and cartoons in the salon chairs while they get their hair cut. The children can also enjoy Netflix and animal crackers while they wait for their hair to be cut. For an extra special treat, you can schedule a “Glamour Girl” birthday party for your child.

The best place for a kids haircut is in the neighborhood where your child goes to school, but if you live in the city, it’s best to choose a more family-friendly establishment. These shops will give your child extra TLC while they are getting a haircut, like playing video games and watching movies while they are there. Plus, many of them offer a free first visit package, so you’ll be sure your child is comfortable and happy while they’re there.