Pauly D Gets a New Look With Got2B hair Products

Pauly DelVecchio, also known as Pauly D, gained fame through the reality TV show Jersey Shore in 2009. Recently, he surprised fans by posting a selfie without his usual gelled hair. Let’s look at his new natural style that his fans seem to love!

Pauly D on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation:

Pauly D is a well-known reality star, particularly from his appearances on MTV’s Jersey Shore. He became famous for his tan, smile, and catchphrases. Since the show’s end in 2010, he has been involved in various projects, including spinoffs like Double Shot at Love and Family Vacation. Lately, he has been trying out more natural looks, ditching his signature blowout and excessive gel.

Pauly D on Double Shot at Love:

Alongside Vinny Guadagnino, Pauly D co-hosted the MTV dating show Double Shot at Love. He recently changed his look from brunette to platinum blonde hair, as shown in his shared car selfie. Pauly seems thrilled with this decision!

Pauly D’s Side Hustles and DJ Career:

Pauly D is known for his DJ skills, performing in cities like Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and New Orleans. He also has other side businesses, including selling Italian sandwiches. However, his most recognizable feature is his gelled hairstyle. Fans were taken aback when he posted an Instagram photo sporting a natural, product-free look. The reactions were overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the DJ’s new style.

The Pauly D Project:

Paul DelVecchio, or DJ Pauly D, is a multi-talented individual. Apart from being a professional DJ and actor, he has partnerships with beauty brands like got2b hair products. His signature spiky blowout hairstyle, which requires meticulous grooming, has been his trademark for a long time. However, he recently unveiled a new look inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio’s 1920s style, featuring a short haircut and a sleek side part.

Pauly D’s Quarantine Beard:

While many celebrities have opted for shorter haircuts during the COVID-19 quarantine, Pauly D has kept his signature gel-filled coif intact. He shared a picture on Twitter, possibly showcasing his quarantine beard, which has divided fans’ opinions. Some love the look, while others think he resembles Ronnie Ortiz-Magro or someone entirely different. People have noticed Pauly D’s evolving appearance, though some speculate that he is experimenting with new looks to find what suits him best. However, drastic hairstyle changes might come with risks as he navigates his career in the entertainment industry.