Elderly Haircuts – How to Get the Look You Want

An outstanding haircut can do wonders to boost seniors’ confidence and self-esteem. It can highlight bone structure, hide wrinkles, and add volume to hair.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Using pictures as references when discussing haircuts for the elderly can help stylists understand your desired cut more easily. It’s especially useful for those who struggle to describe what they want.

Be Specific

Being specific about your desired haircut will help your stylist avoid mistakes. Clearly communicate your goals, especially when requesting a complex style.

Know Your Terminologies

Using the appropriate terminology when discussing your desired look with a stylist is important. Make sure to use the correct language to describe specific styles or techniques.

Communicate With Your Barber

If your loved one is hesitant about getting their hair cut or washed, try to find a barber they feel comfortable with. Help them relax by playing music or showing pictures they like.

Listen to Your Barber

Listen carefully to your barber’s suggestions and advice. They are professionals who know which cuts will suit your face shape and hair type best. Be open to learning and understanding their expertise.