Top 5 Party Hairstyles

Halo Updo

Opt for a halo updo for an effortless party hairstyle that exudes beauty and poise. This choice works well with any ethnic dress and will leave people surrounding you admiring how graceful and poised you appear.

To achieve this look, blow-dry your hair and create a deep side part. Next, back-comb the crown area before braiding strands into a loose side French plait that stops before the base of your ponytail—pin and set with hairspray.

Tucked Under Ponytail

A tucked-under ponytail is the ideal party hairstyle for those who like their looks sleek and straightforward. Smooth your hair into a low ponytail, using bobby pins to tuck smaller sections under the top for additional dimension and elegance, perfect for formal events.

This style looks especially beautiful when worn with delicate flowers or accessories, such as hair accessories. The carefully rolled and wrapped elements add texture and visual interest, making this style ideal for formal events such as weddings. Finish it off by spritzing it with TRESemme Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray so your tucked ponytail won’t frizz or flyaways are kept at bay, and walk into any room confidently! Try our Long Wrap and Tuck Dilly by Vivica Fox for an effortlessly chic look featuring heat-friendly synthetic fiber to achieve the face of a chic chignon quickly.

Slicked Back

Try the classic slicked-back style for an elegant, sophisticated appearance ideal for formal events. Whether you want to add a pop of contrast by leaving longer locks at the crown or opt for shorter quiffs reminiscent of Old Hollywood glamour – this look will give you that polished appearance you desire.

Slicked-back hair works beautifully with almost every haircut, including short strands. To achieve this look, wash, and towel dry your locks before using hair pomade to smooth away from your face and create this slicked-back style. Begin small before gradually increasing as needed.

Twisted Sides

The twisted side look is another dynamic style to include in your repertoire, perfect for showing off face-framing strands on both long and short natural hair.

Start by creating a deep side part and twisting the backmost section of hair into a knot. As soon as this knot has formed, add small areas until you reach the bottom and secure it with clips.

Add an eye-catching finish with colored sections in your hair! If full head dyeing isn’t your cup of tea, bleaching just the tips of your twists is also an option. This style is ideal for weddings and black-tie events. It allows you to easily heighten the twisted hair on either short or long twisted locks and stands out from the crowd, and it can even be enhanced with accessories like flowers or headbands for an added flair. Plus, this look works on short as well as long twisted locks – making it versatile enough for any special event!


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