How to Style Beautiful Brunette Hair

Whoever said blondes had all of the fun never met an elegant brunette mane. With its range of caramel highlights to ashy mushroom hues, a vast array of brunette hair options will leave you both luxurious and fashionable.

Haliti recommends using a color depositing conditioner that does not contain sulfates to avoid color fading on darker shades, specifically.

Warm Brown Balayage

Warm brunette balayage is ideal for women with long, wavy hair who desire an added hint of light sweetness to their locks. It complements naturally beautiful skin tones and bright foxy features while emphasizing her luscious lashes; its warm shades blend into its soft brown base to achieve an authentic appearance that looks truly natural.

Rich Chocolate Balayage with Reddish Undertones

Rich chocolate balayages with reddish undertones are ideal for dark brunettes who wish to maintain a natural yet more intense look in their color. This shade pairs beautifully when worn loose, beachy waves or texturizing spray are added.

Warm Caramel Highlights for Deep Espresso or Chocolate Brown Hair

Not much brings out the best in deep espresso or chocolate brown hair colors, like adding warm caramel highlights. These golden highlights create volume while reflecting light for radiant shine – perfect for creating an eye-catching effect that any brunette girl will adore! You can easily adjust how many highlights are added depending on your desired outcome.

Disconnected Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs will add flair and sophistication to any summer ensemble, whether you take cues from J Lo or Kim K or are drawn by Brigitte Bardot’s romantic style of Brigitte Bardot’s shaggy fringe. Perfect for most hair types and facial structures alike; consider your lifestyle needs when determining your ideal length!

Long strands that flow smoothly across your forehead create a feminine curtain cut, making it suitable for heart-shaped faces. Pairing this look with a bob haircut creates a stylish yet effortless appearance; the soft, wispy strands will draw attention to both cheekbones and eyes!

If you want to test out this trend but are still determining which length would work best, try going for a longer crop that skims just above your eyebrows. This option works especially well if you are a busy mom or professional with limited time for daily styling and regular trims, or go with shorter swoops that still frame your face and add volume.

Large Curls

If you want a bold contrast without bleaching your locks, try large coils for an eye-catching twist. This style will bring life and a glistening tint into your brown locks – for best results, use a large barrel curling iron or wand for natural-looking coils!

Lightening up a brunette shade is an easy and effective way to bring life and dimension back into your face and highlight your eyes. Opting for warm chocolate tones will create a rich, radiant look; this color works on all skin tones, while its subtle red undertones will enhance your eyes.

Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights are a timeless solution to enhance any shade of brunette hair. Caramel highlights give your locks a shimmering shine while giving depth and dimension. For lighter tones, opt for a softer version, such as a sad effect, or add highlights that are one tone lighter than your current brown shade to enhance richer tones.

Soft Waves

Brunettes may be known for having more fun, but that doesn’t have to stop brunettes from looking stylish and glamorous! To add some spice and depth without going blonde, try adding soft, beachy waves using a curling iron – for best results, use texturizing spray or dry shampoo when finishing to give your locks an effortless, touchable finish.

Add subtle caramel highlights to your brunette locks for an instantaneous makeover. These warm tones will bring out the warmth in your complexion, giving it a natural sheen. For something bolder, request money piece highlights from your colorist for added contrast without needing a high maintenance schedule. This look has proven popular among Lucy Liu and Maya Rudolph, among other brunettes.