Best haircuts For Oval Shape Faces


An oval face is a versatile shape. You can wear any style that suits you, whether that is thick or thin. For your oval face, medium length  is a good choice. This cut frames your face and works well with any texture. The main thing is to choose a haircut that compliments your natural features and doesn’t make your face look too wide or small. Listed below are the top haircuts for oval faces.

An oval shape haircut is one of the most versatile types for a woman. This face shape can flatter almost any type of hair, and it can be styled in almost any color. When choosing a shade, however, you must consider your skin tone and hair type. Your stylist will be able to help you choose the right tone for your complexion. Another great option for an oval shape haircut is a short, layered pixie cut, which can draw attention to your eyes and draw attention away from your forehead.