Organic Hair Dye

Ms Juliet Kakwerre Tumusiime, co-founder of Ugandan hair cottage Cheveux Organique, claims their plant-based products make styling easy and can withstand heat from curling irons and flat irons.

No Chemicals:

To reduce frizz caused by dehydration, it’s important to provide your hair with nourishment from organic products. Use sulfate-free shampoo and products like organic hair body waves, synthetic wigs, and satin wrap scarves containing organic oils to moisturize and hydrate your hair.

Organique oils promote hair growth and improve scalp health. They also include aloe vera, shikakai, and lemongrass to aid healthy hair and scalp function. Organique offers various plant-based options to nourish your hair from root to tip and prevent the build-up of harmful substances and toxins. These products can withstand heat and be styled using cascading balayage techniques for volume.

No Harmful Substances:

Organic hair products contain no harmful substances, making them safer for your scalp and hair. By avoiding chemical ingredients, you can prevent allergic reactions and other side effects commonly associated with conventional products.

Natural and organic components can strengthen and condition your hair without damaging its structure over time. With natural and organic components, you can achieve your desired look without using harsh products that may cause long-term damage.

Organique hair oils are packed with vitamins and minerals that improve overall hair health, decrease sebum production, add weightless shine, and protect against dye or heat damage, as well as minimize tangles and breakage.

No Animal Testing:

Animal testing in the beauty and cosmetics industry is widespread, but Organic Salon Systems does not engage in this unethical practice. They are also 100% vegan certified.

Choosing organic hair dyes is a safer and more ethical choice. These products are gentler on your hair, free of harmful substances, and not tested on animals. They can nourish and strengthen your hair without causing damage.