How to Style a Bob Hairstyle With Bangs

A bob hairstyle with bangs can transform your appearance instantly. This stylish haircut is an excellent choice for thin, fine hair that naturally falls straight or can easily be styled using flat irons or hot rollers.

Blunt Bob

This timeless blunt bob, or the blunt lob, is an ideal hairstyle for women with fine or thin hair. The face-framing style draws attention to your eyes while emphasizing natural beauty; its, length falls just above the shoulders for a truly feminine aesthetic! Additionally, adding highlights can further make this classic style attractive.

Rounded Bob

The rounded bob is an effortlessly flattering shape that complements every facial structure and hair type. It works equally well for straight and curly locks, though blonde highlights will bring out its full beauty. Pair it with an undulating fringe for an easily styled look suitable for any special occasion or casual setting.

Side-Swept Bob

For short hair, a side-swept bob is an easy way to keep bangs out of your face and add texture with texture products. Opt for a layered bob with jagged bangs for a truly distinctive style. Speak to your stylist about adding longer front layers without swooping, as this unique hairstyle offers an edge. This style is ideal for heart-shaped faces, accentuating their narrow chin and jawline. Tuck the ends behind your ears to frame your face with elegant side-swept bangs, or add volume with sea salt spray for extra texture and volume. This style also makes a good option for thick hair needing an additional book – spray some sea salt before completing the look!

Long Bob

Long bobs with bangs can come in all variations: sleek, wavy, or curly hair can all work. Layered looks create volume and texture, while blunt cuts keep hair elegant and sleek for those seeking sleek style. Additionally, playing around with hair color to achieve different effects is always fun. Try pairing a sun-kissed blonde highlight with a side-swept angled bob for an eye-catching date night look or special event. Or go with an all-natural dark brown shade and side-swept fringe for sophisticated formal events. Take advantage of the textured, chic aesthetic of a long bob with bangs by opting for an extreme asymmetry cut that ends in shaggy tips – a style perfect for oval, heart, and angular face shapes and various skin tones.

Side-Swept Lob

Opt for a messy long bob with bangs for a casual yet laid-back style that exudes both coolness and simple elegance. Just add texture with dry shampoo or styling paste for instantaneous bedhead-esque results! Plus, the face-framing layers of this lob style will highlight your forehead, eyebrows, and cheekbones for an eye-catching effect! An elegant bob with angular layers and full feathered bangs that frame the face beautifully makes an eye-catching impression. Perfect for both curly or straight locks and any color choice! Straight, medium-to-thick hair will benefit from a sleek, polished lob with slightly textured balayage highlights for added dimension and an elongating effect. Straight bobs can also be worn smart or with full fringe tucked behind the ears for an entirely different style.