5 Classy hair Colors For This Summer

No matter the color you desire – be it natural-looking blonde or the daring dark blue hue – 2023 brings us classy hair colors for every taste. Mink tones to ombre options exist to help redefine sexy with an understated edge.

Strawberry blonde offers a natural-looking solution, perfect for those seeking a natural look, such as Lucy Hale. It flatters pale skin while accentuating blue eyes perfectly – ideal if you have pale complexions like Lucy does!

Sand Tropez is an exquisite hair color perfect for blondes looking for something neutral yet chic. Ash acts as a toner and gold adds warmth and coolness, creating this outstanding shade. Luxuriant yet mysterious, Sand Tropez suits all skin tones beautifully!

Dirty blonde may sound uninviting, but its beauty and versatility make it ideal for anyone. Hairstylist Jill Buck recommends this shade as an in-between shade that provides balance for those not light enough for blonde but too dark for brunette hues.

To look elegant this summer, opt for a gold blonde hue. This warm tone works beautifully on all skin tones and can be worn either long or short hair styles. Furthermore, gold blonde works beautifully when combined with other popular blonde techniques such as ombre or balayage for more subdued results.

Cool blonde is one of the most stunning looks available; it combines silvery and golden tones into a stunning hue that flatters any skin tone. Cool blonde looks particularly great on those with blue, green, or gray eye colors; however, it works equally well on brown or amber tones too – an example being Sofia Richie who rocked this shade beautifully with her rich strawberry highlights!