Bob Style – Slick and Smooth

A new Bob haircut to chin length will always work wonders for you to shorten a long facial look and by having a haircut with lots of volume on the upper sides, you can also add width to an narrow face. If your face is slightly chubby at the cheeks, go for a bob haircut which has the full volume concentrating around the middle crown and taper down towards the sleek, fine ends at the side. In case your facial shape is long like a pear, the flowing hair texture and loose curls will make you look like a hound in a pajama party! Any Bob haircut should start above the ear and extend till the nape of the neck so that you are not looking like a stick insect or a big fluffy cat!

New Bob haircut has a new edge to his style this year, and we’ve got the latest in celebrity styles right here for you. If you’re tired of your everyday routine and tired of waiting on your stylist to fix that, we’ve got the best celebrity styles to speed up your style up. With the Bob haircut comes new waves that really pack a punch – and with the latest in celebrity styles, the waves are longer than they have ever been. New bob cut celebrity styles have a slick edge that’s not been seen on this scale before, and we’re here to help you get the hair you’ve always wanted and the edge you’ve been looking for. The new Bob haircut is hotter than ever, and we have the celebrity styles to back it all up.

Inspiring Wallpaper Design


After a long time the New Bob haircut is back with its new style of layers, changing its look from messy to smooth and sophisticated. This look is perfect for square faces as it can make your chin look longer and your style looks much better. The New Bob haircut looks very trendy and elegant with its new modern look. So if you want to change your style in such a way that it makes your face look sexier and more beautiful, then you should try out this latest design by New Bob haircut.