Hairstyles for Thick Curly Hair Men

Men with thick hair have many options for styling their locks; the trick lies in controlling their mane. Instead of resisting them, embrace them by opting for a hairstyle emphasizing their waves. Additionally, try applying light-hold texturizing cream for added control against frizz.


Color blocking has taken fashion and beauty by storm, becoming one of the hottest trends. To color block, use foiling techniques to paint blocks of color onto the top and bottom layers of hair using foils. To do this quickly and effectively, pair analogous colors that lie adjacent on the color wheel – for instance, red pairs well with orange and yellow; green looks exceptionally well when paired with purple. More advanced stylists may try triadic color blocking, which involves selecting three hues evenly spaced on the color wheel and placing them one after the other on their outfits. As it requires additional planning and blending, triadic color blocking should only be undertaken by those with more experience styling their outfits.

Brush Out

Men with curly hair who desire a more refined appearance should try brushing out their coils. First,, add moisture using a water sprayer or light conditioner to allow your brush to pass without breaking up its waves. Next, use the medium-hold gel as needed to secure their locks. Color-block your curls for a striking and eye-catching style, creating an eye-catching contrast against their darker tone at the ends of each circle. This works best for men with shorter cuts such as Caesar fringes, buzz cuts, textured crops, or short choppy quiffs.

Loose Bun

A half-up man bun allows long curls to fall loosely around your face, creating an eye-catching and appealing look for women. To achieve this look, comb and style a low bun using clean and dry hair secured with elastic. Curly hair needs to be adequately moisturized, or it will become unruly and look unruly. Many curly-haired men waste months growing out their locks long to achieve a man bun when all that’s required for one is 8 inches of extended length to tie one securely.

Defined Afro

Curly hair can be challenging to manage. One way to keep your curls looking healthy and sleek is to regularly use high-quality shampoo and conditioner, which can help reduce frizz, improve bounce and shine, prevent tangles, and help prevent frizz-related tangles. Men with thick curly hair may want to create a defined afro. To accomplish this look, first wash and condition with shampoo that detangles curls; then apply hair clay on wet locks, leaving it for about five minutes to set into place before combing through again.

Man Bun

This classic man bun will always stay in style, making you appear professional and ready for anything the day throws. Pair it with your beard, trendy shirt, or pants; it will instantly give your appearance an air of confidence that makes you stand out. This hairstyle will ensure you look sharp when the morning sun comes up! If you have thick, wavy, or curly locks, try this chic man bun style that features both a high messy bun and undercut fade elements. The unique details, such as burst fade and natural texture peeking through, add an artistic element to this look. To achieve the look, start with slightly greasy or dirty hair – this will give your man bun a a strong grip and structure.

Chin Length

Low taper fades are an excellent style option for men with thick curly hair who want their sides and back short while letting the curls on top flourish. Suitable for tight and loose coils, adding depth by lightening only the ends of their coils for high contrast looks. Alternately, switch up this look by combing them to one side instead of all back – giving your face an effortlessly casual beachy vibe that works no matter the occasion!